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Stage IV Cervical Cancer

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My mom was recently diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer and I was totally devastated. After receiving the horrible news I decided to do even more research about this disease. I am making sure she is eating every two hours to keep her weight, that she is also well hydrated and I have order USANA vitamins so she stays strong during treatments. I know they say to be careful with vitamins because they might interfere with her treatment.

The main reason I wanted to post this is to see if anyone who is going through radiation and chemo can give me ideas of what I should do that might make my mom feel better.

Even though the doctors are not giving me hope I know that my mom can get better and that she will get through this I just need some help from anybody that can give it to me.

Thank you in advance for all the feedback

Still Smiling for Mom

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....sorry I meant to respond to you yesterday...

I"ve just completed 3 rounds of chemo and so far it hasn't been that horrible. What has worked for me is making sure I drink a lot of water...at least a gallon a day and eating plenty of protein. Eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, cheese meats, nuts are some options and fruits and veggies. Protein drinks like ensure are actually pretty good. I've also been drinking smoothies and making banana milkshakes with whey powder. I have not had any nausea, but my taste buds are off. The only way I can describe it is like a saline solution taste.

Chemo usually causes constipation which has been my worse side effect so have a supply of stool softeners on hand.

I have a lot of body aches from the hips down the first few days after chemo and have been taking ibuprofen PM to sleep, but I don't know if that's the best choice for chemo pain.

Radiation starts for me in a few weeks so I can't comment on that.

Take care

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Hi, im new to the group and 3months ago i was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was scared and im still scared. I had a radical hysterectomy and i am now 2months cancer free.

Thats a good thing ....yes!!!!!!

The problem is that im physically good but mentally i am a wreck.i dont have no one to talk about it with or cry sometimes i just need to cry but how do you explain why you crying if you not hurt.  Just WANT TO TALK.

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I am sorry for what you have had to go through ovre the last couple of months. What you are feeling is quite normal and something i still feel time to time. 

I myself was recently diagnosed.  I ha the same radical hysterctomy in December, but even thought it was stage 1A,  It was undifferentiad and the protocol is to do adjunct chemo and brachtherapy.    So I have been going through that the past 5 months.

What I found that was extremely useful was to find a group that caters to cancer survivors.  I like to bike and exerise so I got into the livestrong program at the YMCA.  I believe this is nationwide.  It is funded so you don't pay for it.  I was put in a group with other cancer survivors for a  3 month program of cardio/weight training etc.  While that is great what was really great was the new friendships I now have.  I chose to do this during treatment which has helped tremendously.  There was one other individual as well participating during treatment, but he others had already done it   They are my chearleaders as I am almost done  They have listened, wished me well and kept my head high.  They understand how I feel and visa versa. 

I also started yoga and that is a great relaxer.  The teacher is awesome as she knows I am going through treatment and works on keeping my head up high.

there are a number of ladies here with lot's of great advice

in the meantime I have an ear to listen as it is very fresh with me

take care and every day try to do something special for yourself



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