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Surviving Stage IV Cancer

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What a shock it was for me in August 2009 to be diagnosed with stage IV cancer. I was so naive--I asked, "How many stages are there?" When I was told just 4, you can understand my shock and disbelief. I saw 3 oncologists to get opinions on treatment; the first thing out of the mouths of all 3 was "In stage IV cancer is incurable, but treatable." No one would give me a time frame, so I got my affairs in order pretty quickly. The only thing I haven't done at this point in time is plan my memorial service. It is over 2 years later and I am not only surviving, I'm thriving. That's why no memorial service is planned, because it doesn't seem it will be happening anytime soon. Of course, besides hope, there is uncertainty.
I would like to hear the stories of others living with stage IV cancer in hope of giving and getting emotional support to one another.

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On June 4th I went to the ER because I had been sick for three months and had been to urgent care four times and my doctor once but was not getting better. In the ER they took a catscan of my lungs and found fluid on both lungs but they also caught the upper part of my stomach and found tumors. They did a CA125 and mine was 2000 a doctor came in and said you have ovarian cancer and I am sending you to St. Joesphe's hospital for surgery and walked out of the room. Well to say the least I was in shock so I called my mom crying and she came strieght to the hospital. Two days later I was at St Joe's hospital and was told by the number one doctor in the resurch and treatment of ovarian cancer that he did not believe it was cancer but I would still have to have the surgery to remove the tumors and all of my female parts (my overies were the size of footballs and had to be removed). On June 21st I had the surgery and they found out that it was cancer I did not want to know what stage or grade because I wanted to fight like it was stage one because I was not ready to die and I felt like if I knew it was stage four I would just give up. I was entered into a study for avastin and also put on taxol/carbo. After my second treatment my numbers dropped from 2000 to 67. After my third treatment I was down to 14 and in remission. After the fourth treatment I was down to 5 so I finally asked my doctor what stage and grade I was and I was told stage four. I had gotten a copy of my path report and found out that the tissue in me had already started to die so I know I was at the end of the line when I found out that I had cancer. I now know that God had his hand on me the whole time I was working fourty to fifty hours a week while my body was dieing from cancer and that he through my treatment still has his hand on me. I am still worried about the cancer coming back and don't know if I will ever feel safe again about my health but I have learned alot about my self throught this battle. I am alot stronger than I thought I was and that I have some amazing people in my life who are standing beside me helpping me to fight this fight and some are right her on this site.


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You are certainly welcome here.
What type of cancer are you dealing with and where?

I'm stage 2 Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma - primarily
found in my small intestine. I had surgery in May and just
completed 6 rounds of chemo R-EPOCH. Pet scan after 4th
cycle shows no cancer activity and we're optimistic.

You will find people with similar circustances as yours and
will be able to give and receive support on this site.

Again, welcome and thank you for posting.

Big hugs,


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