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Acupunture to treat tumors

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We are out of options for treatment for my husband's cancer. After a year and a half of Nexavar, three Chemoembolizations, One Y-90 and one Radio Frequency Ablation they still can't get him into criteria for Transplant. We are disappointed, devastated but not wanting to give up.
Has anyone explored acupunture to treat tumors in the liver? Any info would be helpful.

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I'm sorry to hear that you've come to an impasse in your treatment regimen...you've shown
a lot of dedication and fortitude thus far and it seems so unfair that your goal seems
just beyond reach. This is a tough cancer to beat.

I haven't heard of any treatment modalities involving acupuncture, although it may be
useful in relieving pain and the side effects of chemotherapy.

Have you looked for any clinical trials for those who have not had a durable response
to Nexavar? I have seen several at www.clinicaltrials.gov.

Also, look up the research on Saffron, vitamin K, or omeprazole (prevacid} as adjuvents;
it's just a suggestion, as I don't want to be giving medical advice here, but it could
be something you could research and talk to your doctor about.

I'm still responding to my nexavar treatment after 1 year, and hopefully I can keep
on it for as long as possible...I have heard of some 2 to 3 year responses so far.

All of the best to you and don't give up the fight.


BTW...I'm a vietnam vet also, US Army, 1st Aviation Brigade, 1969/70

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I too am so sorry to hear that things are not progressing for the transplant. I have been wondering about you both since its been a while since your last post. We too do not have many treatment options since they pulled him off the Nexavar in August and keep saying that because of the location and size of the tumor, along with the thrombosis that there is not much else they can do.

We have used acupuncture quite abit and feel that is has been helpful for various reasons. Chuck was having it weekly to help with the side effects of the Nexavar and is still having treatments to help with pain and to detox the liver. While he was initially sceptical, he is no longer, since he has been able to feel the benefits. Hope this helps!

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Thank you both for your response. I did check the clinical trial website but couldn't find anything pertaining to acupunture for liver tumors. We are waiting to hear from someone who originally told us about it.
I am curious to learn more about acupunture from you AEI. How did you find an acupunturist? What were the side effects of Nexavar that it helped? Does insurance pay for it?
At this point we are not ready to give up but don't really know where to turn for more options so we will take whatever anyone wants to offer right now.

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My family has used the same acupuncturists for years. I had my doubts until I saw the results my dog had when a vet gave him acupuncture treatments. Dogs dont lie or exaggerate results. I would ask around for.recommendations , acupunture is more common than you may think. We feel that it has helped with pain, fatigue and have used it to help detoxify the liver. Re. insurance, I think it will depend ongoing youth ins. complete. Not a cure but can help with side effects.

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yes what about clinical trials? i looked into a trial for my dad when he was still alive it was a pox virus injected into the tumor its called JX-594 made by jennerex biotherapeutics they have a web site they have some promising data on it. its for HCC good luc

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We are just not ready to give up yet. We are looking for anything that would put him back into criteria that is not so invasive. It's been a hard couple of weeks. Now he's bying things like crazy and is very emotional lately.
It's breaking my heart and I don't know if I can stay strong enough to get through this.

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