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Update on biopsy

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So this past Mon. I had my colonoscopy/biopsies with my new drs at Goshen. I must say I'm very happy I chose this cancer center because their so caring, friendly, supportive. The dr gives the patients an Anax to help take the edge off. Then the nurse numbs where she's doing the iv (& this is the 1st time ever that I didn't feel it going in!!). Things went quickly & smoothly. (of course we never really remember much after going to sleep anyway do we?! haha) My hubby says I'm very hard to wake up! I ask him what the dr said & he just tells me "wait till after you take another nap coz you won't remember what I say"! haha
So I got the news Wed. that the cancer is back or recurrent. As prepared as I tried to be it was still hard to hear it. I am so ready to have my life back!! Finally have a job I enjoy & its not really physical (hotel front desk agent) although yes stressful at times. I try to do yoga 2-3 days/wk but need more motivation & energy! I'd like to enjoy food again without the 'tummy issues' & having to run for the bathrm within an hr of eating. I'm sure most of you felt this way at some point as well. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I'm just so over all this mess!! I'm doing my best to heal, gain strength, enjoy life with my hubby, our kids & grandkids. (& our 2 pups!)
Well I meet with my oncology surgeon & radiology drs next Fri to schedule my treatment which is: laser to remove tumor then 5 days of brachytherapy (internal radiation) 2 times/day. So this means a week in the hospital. I'm not looking forward to all this but its much better then APR (as my old drs wanted to do). Believe me we've researched all options & asked lots of questions before deciding on Goshen Cancer Center. They're more up to date & the drs studied or worked at other major hospitals. So although we will have more questions next week, we feel pretty confident in our drs.
A final note from a dear friend at Cancer Services: from one of Regina Brett's 50 Life Lessons: "The best is yet to come no matter where you are on this broken road".

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Thanks for the update. I'm very sorry that your cancer has returned and I'm sure you are wondering about everything that lies ahead. But it sounds like you have a wonderful medical team who are taking the very best care of you. I admire you for seeking another option other than APR, which no one is standing in line to have. I hope you'll keep us updated as you can because sharing your information and experience can help others down the road. I wish you all the very best with the treatment. May it be successful in zapping out those remaining cancer cells so you can get on with your life. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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So sorry to hear of your dx. I will keep u In my thoughts and prayers.


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I am sorry about the dx. It just makes me wonder, if the cancer was ever really gone. I am so glad that you are at a place that is able to laser the tumor and then do the internal radiation. I think they must have experience with this tx and they must have had good results or would not try to use the same tx on you. I am glad they are taking good care of you. Please keep us posted and I wish you only the best. Lori

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So sorry that your cancer has returned...

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So sorry that your cancer is back .One good thing is you got some good DR from what your saying.And caring.I,ll be praying for you. shirley

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So sorry to hear it's back. Sounds like you've got a great team of doctors. Best wishes for 'everything' good.

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You are in my prayers. We are all living with cancer. What happened to you could happen to any of us. You are not alone in this. We are all rooting for you and are here as much as we can possibly be for you in the days to come.

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