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weight loss

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My husband lost about 30 lbs while having radiation (ended a month ago) and Chemo (ended 6 wks ago). He has lost 6 lbs this week alone! He says it's because the antibiotics the Dr put him on for his cough is making him urinate a lot. Doesn't sound right to me. :(

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This might be a dumb question but is your husband eating? My father has lost 32 lbs since mid April and is down to 118. His oncologist prescribed an appetite stimulant called Megace a week or so ago and it seems to be working as he is eating a little more than before. I also asked about medical marijuana and his oncologist said that would be another option for him but we have not gone that route. We are also looking into testosterone shots to see if that would help him build some muscle and add weight but have not received the go ahead from his doctor.

There is an Ensure drink called Ensure Revigor Clinical Strength which has more calories than the regular ensure drink - might be good if your husband is not getting enough calories. Also Abbott, company who makes Ensure, makes a high calorie drink called TwoCal and it is almost 500 calories per 8 oz. I just ordered some for my dad on their website - the drink was recommended to me by a nutritionist at our local Cancer Center.

Best of luck.


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