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Squamous Cell Cancer

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My Dad was just diagnosed with Squamous Cell Cancer on the back of his tongue.

He was never a smoker or heavy drinker entire life so finding out he has this cancer was shocking and very upsetting.

I've read a few articles and discussion boards about the Squamous Cell Cancer being caused by Agent Orange for Nam Vets. My dad did serve in the Vietnam War.

Is this something I should bring up to the doctor?

Is there VA benefits for this if it is the cause of his cancer? How do we know if it is?

Please any comments/guidance would greatly be appreciated.

We meet with the ENT doctor Monday, Oct 17 and the cancer specialist Wednesday, Oct 19.

Also, I went to a health market got my Dad some protein mix because he hasn't been able to eat any solid foods for almost a month now. Want to make sure he's getting all of his protein, vitamins, etc. Any other recommendations on soft foods he could eat? Woman at the store suggested mixing the protein powder with yogurt and making smoothies out of it.

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on the head and neck board. I don't know of the association with agent orange, butt SCC on the tongue is a common enough cancer and you don't have to smoke to get it. There may be someone who can answer this in the other forum.

Best regards.

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