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Wig for Chemo Patient

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I just posted to the breast cancer board, but realize that I probably should have posted here first. I am researching wigs for a friend who will start chemo soon and we both don't have a clue where to start. Where and how do I find some good options for a wig?


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I live in FL, daughter (dx breast cancer 12/10) lives in NC. I went on web and put in "wig cancer free" and found several sites. I narrowed down to a salon in her town owned by a cancer survivor that dedicated herself to helping others. My daughter was treated to an entire day of wine & beauty, two gorgeous wigs and some creams/lotions to help her through her radiation. I sent Judy, the shop owner, $200 (all I could afford) but I know the wigs my daughter got were worth way more and according to daughter, the experience was priceless.

Her shop was one of many, I am sure. Search around, call owners and talk to them. I also know that my daughter got a free wig from the American Cancer Society in her area, but she took it back with gratitude after her salon treat.

Good Luck and happy hunting.


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My mother and I found a local hair stylist who did wig fittings on the side, or you could go to a wig shop. Get some pro help! There are three general wig sizes, and one size does not fit all. A wig person can also counsel on fitting, adjusting, care, etc., which we found invaluable. Mom hated it when her wig felt like it was slipping around. If your friend wants a wig so she can pass for normal, it's best to choose it before she loses her hair. A stylist can then style the wig to match your normal style (often quite a bit must be thinned out). We had Mom's wig ready on the day her long-time stylist shaved her head, and she left the shop in her wig, looking really pretty. We stopped at the mall and bought new earrings (sniff, sniff).

My mom had one wig, which she kept on a big stuffed teddy bear when she wasn't wearing it. I think she had maybe $120 in the whole thing, fitting and wig, and it was worth getting experienced help.

Mom also loved the little cotton sleep caps they have at headcovers.com. The hats with attached bangs are also kind of neat. Good luck!

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