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Female wigs for chemo treatment

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Do you have any suggestions where to find wigs for a female chemo patient battling breast cancer?

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If affording one is the issue then contact the American Cancer society in your town - they have ones. Also can ask at the Chemo center she's going to - the one I went to had wigs for those who needed them. Some Insurance will cover the cost if the Dr writes a script for one. If she's a Veteran contact VA - they will cover the cost.

To find places that sell them look in the yellow pages of phone book for a wig salon or try calling beauty salons - many of them deal with wigs.

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Both the American Cancer Society and Y-Me offered me free wigs, and no one asked whether I could afford it.

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I volunteered for our cancer center to run The Gift Closet. Ive fitted 3 women so far. One was a 15 year old girl, who just wanted to go back to school. Leukemia. Didnt think Id have one that young. sighhh
Contact ACS, and see if theres a Gift Closet at your cancer center. Im sure they can hook you up if theres not one. The wigs are free also. Good luck, Katz

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