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Last day of treatments

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At least I sincerely pray so! I will go home within the next few days.

I am in soooooooo much pain when I try to have a BM. I have an upper endoscopy scheduled for this afternoon....friends, I don't think I can make it through another test! It means no food or water till after the test and I have my last rad early this pm and we all know how thirsty and burned up that leaves us. I am tired. Do not know what to do.

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that you can't handle the endoscopy. Period. Don't understand why they feel like they have to do this at this point in the game. Upper, lower, whatever!! Question it, Lori!!! You have to let them know how much pain you are in, sweetie. Lots of prayers for you.

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I also would postpone that test. Where r u being treated.

I remember that last day like it was yesterday. I am so glad it is over for you. Try to stick with the brat diet and high calorie smoothies. I remember at the end I didn't poop much. Have u tried stool softeners? Drink at least 1/2gallon of water a day. It will make the stools soft too.

I really send u all the understanding and compassion that only another survivor could. I wondered many times in those first months if it was really worth it. It was and it really taught me how much I loved myself. Just hold on and remember we r here for u.

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You did it! Drink plenty of water and try stool softeners. I found the week after treatment ended the most painful. You will get through it. We are here for you. God bless ~Carol

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I really don't understand the rush to put you through this scope when you just finished treatment and are obviously still having major side effects. If you haven't already, just tell your doc that you can NOT do this at this time and want to postpone it.

The painful BM's will ease with time, so just hang in there!

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