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What a glorious day...

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Today my darling husband (stage IVb) took me to the golf course so I could play a game. We don’t belong to a club; we just play together whenever we can. But because of his PICC line and chemo, it has been at least 3 months since we played a proper round together. Despite feeling incredibly tired, he bravely drove the cart to give me the pleasure of playing while he hit an occasional pitch and putt.

It was a beautiful sunny day and there were heaps of kangaroos on the course. We played late in the afternoon and almost had the course to ourselves. The sunshine, warmth and fresh air was rejuvenating for both of us. Frequently when we play Brian would say ‘You wouldn’t be dead for quids,’ (an Aussie term!) whilst walking down the fairway. There’s a whole new meaning to that now.

I felt a little bit normal even though Brian wasn’t playing and I was so grateful for his thoughtfulness.

He’s snoozing now, but I just wanted to share the happiness…


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Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment in your lives.
"Live Life; Love Life"

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What a gift your hubby gave you. He must be quite a man.



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So glad to hear you got to share such a beautiful time together. THESE are the most important things that we all have together, as stage IV's, now. Time to make memories and spend time together. It's the little things that will mean SO much later!!

Thanks for sharing your good time together, with us. Brought a smile to my face, and I needed one. He sounds just as selfless as a patient as you are as his caregiver! Beautiful!

Hoping for many more memories together for both of you as you continue your journey.

Mat God bless you both,

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Hi Marilyn,
My husband and I are also golfers and in fact we played golf on July 6, 2011, the day before the biopsy that changed our lives. I'm so happy for you that the two of you were able to get out on such a beautiful day and have some fun! I would love to be able to beat my husband's (now very small) butt just one more time so he could be so very proud of me. It truly is the little things in life we all learn to appreciate on this jouney. The things we took for granted for so long have now become reasons to celebrate. I will pray that you have many more days just like this one.

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Thanks for sharing. It's the little things in life that make such good memories.
Loved reading your post. I can't imagine seeing a Kangaroo unless it's at the zoo.

Hoping you both have many more day's of sharing.

God bless you, Sandra

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Its so nice when you can share a story that will make everyone happy.every little step counts . prayers are with everyone .RD

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