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Another night in another hospital. . .

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So my wife hase stage IV nsclc and we just finished up 10 doses of radiation and then she received chemo on thursday of laast week. She has not been eating and dinking very little this past week. Today I noticed she was a little more tired than the past few days. She complained this morning about a stomach ache. But then this afternoon she just looked off to me. I called her onc and went over the issues. Took her to the hospital and found her white blood count is extremely low along with loe hemoglobin, potassium, magnesium. we will now be spending the next few days in here trying to get her straightened out.

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Be assured that this is not so uncommon. I know that I received a number of shots to amp up my WBC and took days off from chemo when platelets were too low. It sounds to me like maybe wife was too tough to complain OR that her doctors were not doing due diligence in checking her counts prior to treatments (I had blood work done prior to each and every chemo treatment).

In either event (or whatever the case turns out to be) it seems that she is where she needs to be for the next few days and due a break. Hang in there, sir. She obviously is.

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