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3 month check up Q's

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I have to have some blood work done later this week and see my surgeon next Friday. Maybe someone can answer a few questions for me?

1. It sounds like I'm just going in to see the surgeon for a follow up. Shouldn't this have happened before 3 months?

2. What should I expect from the check up? Reading of my lab report, pushing on my side, and "What questions/concerns do you have for me" question from my surgeon.

3. My lung was punctured during surgery and my wife had asked the surgeon a few days later why I had a chest tube and he casually mentioned my diaphram collapsed. However, my regular Doctor read the report and informed me about the injury during surgery. I don't have the most "faith" in this surgeon anymore. Should I jump ship after my 3 month exam?

I haven't really put much thought into any of these questions until the last few days as my check up lingers ahead. Thanks for any advise...

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My two cents for what it's worth...
Other than my staple removal at 11the days post op, I had my first check up with my surgeon on Jan 29. My surgery was October 8. He basically told me my chest x-rays and labs were fine, looked at my incision site and gave me the option of follow up with my Gp which I did to save the 200+ round trip drive.

After my recurrence scare this summer, I found a new urologist that specializes in rcc and a medical oncologist. I now see them for my follow up care. If you feel comfortable with your doc, great. If not, you owe no one your loyalty. It's your health. It' s your life.

Best wishes,


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That pretty much sums up how I feel. I figure that I'll get my "Okie Dokie" report and out the door. After that I think I'll find someone that specializes in RCC. Thanks (Having the nickname Rip"per" doesn't exactly lend itself to a cancer sight though) But you can call me Rip

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Even if you do keep your 3 month check up with your surgeon, you can still change to someone different after that appointment. You have a lifetime of follow-up ct scans, and you'll need someone you can work with long-term. If you find a urologist in the same hospital, it's no problem getting your records to the new doc. At a different hospital, you'll just have to request records (sometimes they'll do that for you).

I've never been too comfortable with docs who make some rather serious error and then downplay it because they don't want it to make them look bad. I understand their motivation -- and what good would it do? -- but I don't like it. It makes me not trust what they tell me. So, I understand why you would consider changing docs.

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Thanks for your advise. I'm hearing what you are saying about being not too comfortable with my surgeon after my surgery. I currently looking for a different provider.

On a positive note. I had my yearly Health/Blood work for my insurance today and I passed for the first time in 3 years with Flying Colors! Must be all the seafood and exercise post surgery!

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