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Just when you think you're in the home stretch.......

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Just thought I'd share.....

I'm scheduled for RAI tomorrow (3pm) and WBS on 10/20. My ENDO was good with providing instructions on stopping Cytomel, LID, RAI appt but I never asked about resuming normal diet, starting on levothyroxine and returning to see her.

So I emailed the ENDO and although I wasn't pleased with her response, her turn around time in replying got an A+. She told me I could start a normal diet AND start levothyroxine AFTER the WBS. I was devastated. I was ready for seafood and to get started on meds. I'm so tired..... On a good note, I asked her to include free T3 in my labs requisition form (all online that I will print off) and she did (another A for her).

Of course being self proclaimed "know it all", I looked and searched and sure enough, have found others and articles on ENDOs waiting until after RAI/WBS to resume both. Has something to do with iodine consumption and in the event they need to repeat the WBS, I'll be ready. Yeah, I'm ready ok....I have a TSH of 63 and a FreeT4 of .10!!!!

Just thought I'd share (and whine). But I'm remaining positive. I'm the little engine that could...I think I can I think I can I KNOW I CAN.

This is our PROCESS....... thoughts are prayers for us all!!


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you're almost out of LIDville. it does bite. i craved things i don't normally crave by the end of that diet. first thing i wanted was fried chicken and a milkshake. i never have those normally. (it was good). try not to dream of seafood.
many of us are sending positive vibes your way.

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