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metastatic unknown primary

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I've just been told that a few cancerous lymph nodes (MAYBE 8 or 9)have spread beyond the inguinal area; did have one removed for the biopsy which was decided as squamous cell of unknown primary.

Have had all of the tests and all are negative for the primary except for the bladder which is upcoming. Have been reading many bad reports on CUP so tell me am I going to live and is it treatable? One MD said I was not seriously ill and would live a long and happy life but it sure doesn't sound like it. I have not yet started treatment but was told it would be chemo and probably radiation therapy.

Anyone out there gone thru this? Just how bad is it?

Very anxious!! Have always been exremely healty prior to this diagnosis.

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but I don't. You've had a PET scan - bone scan - brain scan? Cancer is so darn sneaky!
I have renal cell (kidney) that has gone from the kidney to the lung and now to the pancreas! And according to the initial pathology, it shouldn't have come back at all!

Do all the online research you can and ask your doctors every question you can think of. Are you seeing an oncologist? That's the expert and should be able to provide you with good information.

I'm sorry you're going through this! Keep posting.

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