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Is my mother going to die

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My mom has stage four cancer.She had breast cancer but it ended up going to her bones,lung,and sternum.I am very scared I'm only 18 and I want my mom to be around for many many many years to come.If there any survivors on here with a story they can share to me I would gladly love to listen. Sometimes she really have a hard time of dealing with this. Her first doctors acted like they didn't care and now she has to go to Atlanta to Emory Hospital to get further and better assistant. She can't go now she has a lot of things to live for 2 children one grandchild that's not even one yet. I lost my grandma to cancer and I didn't even get to meet her I wasn't born yet and I don't want my nephew to grow up like that. I want my mother to be here on this earth until after 100 years of age.:)So if anyone can give me comfort and pray for her I will gladly appreciate it.Thank you.

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Sometimes we have to accept that which we do not want to accept. There is no expiration date on our foreheads and, according to some folks miracles do happen, so there is no guarantee that mom is going to die any time soon. Too, there are new approaches to treatment and care arriving on virtually a daily basis so there is always hope and none of you should give up on hope.

But: sometimes we have to accept that which we do not want to accept. It sounds like mom's situation is a dire one, and one for which you and your family must anticipate the worst. In the meantime, as with all of us, you can enjoy your time with her, you can take part in making her life easier by taking on tasks she usually does (dishes, floors, cooking, whatever the case may be), you can help her with arranging for the end when it DOES come, even if it is when she is 100 years old, and you can help arrange for her to get that care you think she needs at Emory.

These are pro-active steps you can take to help mom, and I am sure there are many I am forgetting, like this one: you can tell her that you love her.

Best wishes to mom and her family.

Take care,


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Thank you and yes like you said I do believe in miracles.I just hope everything works out for her she just got back from Emory in Atlanta so she will tell me what they told her later today.

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