coughing up phlem

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Just recently finished * chemo's and rad for Stage 4 S.C C neck and lung-One mo. out on treatment C.T scan next week and for two days been hacking up phlem down deep--Know its not normal but worried about where its starting now. Is this part of the after treatment?


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    Not normal
    If you have any symptoms that are not normal for you, call the doctor. If a quick visit and a listen with the scope shows you have pneumonia, an antibiotic is in order. If everything is normal (at least for you), then consider going to a pulmonologist. That's a specialist in lung and respiratory problems. They are pros at treating all kinds of phlegm problems and may be able to suggest what meds to try to relieve all the coughing. Of course, a quick fix is sitting over a personal steam inhaler or taking a long steamy shower. There are other things you can do, both medical and non-medical, but first see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. After all the treatment you have gone through, you don't want to mess up by guessing wrong. Good luck!