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My dads pet scan is tomorrow, and i'm scared.

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My dad has non small cell lung cancer, and has been getting chemo and radiation.all of this starting since july 6th.He just started to lose his hair 3-4 days ago.I am scared for him and my mom and me.I am an only child, i am married, but have no children. My mom and dad and me ..we are close...I just am so worried...I worry alot.Please pray for my dad, that his pet scan is negative for any cancer.I pray for all of you who are suffering as patients or suffering as family of patients.I am a nurse...its so different when its your family....God help us all.

Good nite all...Kado.

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Sorry you have to be here on this site but you'll find wonderful
and supportive people here.

Since you are a nurse, I'm assuming you're fairly knowledgeable about
what's going on. However, that doesn't change the fear and anxiety
that comes with all of this.

You and your family are in my thoughts and sending
positive energy your way. Please let us know how things
are going and hang in there...

Big cyber hugs,


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I am so thankful for your kind thoughts and words.I do believe in God and in positive energy from around the world.I will keep in touch.Hope all is well.

Thanks, Kado.

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For good results for the PET scan and for grace for all of you to deal with whatever you face.

A dad is a special person to a daughter: I lost my dad to cancer 23 years ago yesterday. He took every treatment available and I know what a gift that was to his family. He would not have had it any other way.

Cancer treatment has come a long way, Kado, as I'm sure you know. There are good outcomes every day from even the most frightening prognosis.

Hugs. Let us hear from you.

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My dad got his PET today.He is emotionally drained,as is my mom today.We only hope and pray for favorable results.He really needs to hear it.He deserves it.He has went through alot with the chemo and radiation.Again, thanks for you prayers.


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