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every time I click chat I can not get on I see it then it shuts down any advise thanks

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Contact Greta at the 'contact CSN' contact space at the top right corner of the pages on this site and she will get back to you about it. She is in charge of issues regarding the site. Every now and then the site does things like this but it usually clears up sooner or later.

Do you have the latest Java updates on your computer? If not see if you can download the latest ones because Java is what the site uses for chat. Make sure first that you delete all of the old Java settings on your computer. You will find the Java programs in your computer program files.

Greta will get back to you with the answers to your problems I'm sure. Just give her a bit of time, she is usually pretty busy but will help.

All the best.


Posts: 37
Joined: Sep 2011

thanks for the info I will contact Greta

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You might try going to java.com and downloading the latest version of java (it is free). They may have updated since the version I have, which is 1.6.0_27, but in any event, an up-to-date java version may solve your problems at once. When you are asked whether you want to save it or run it, select Run, so that it will download and run the update automatically. There will be some follow-on prompts including one to install ASK.com as your browser which you can say No/Cancel to if you prefer your current browser as I do, but it is not as hard as it sounds.

The install procedure will prompt you to shut down all Java-related apps (which include this site) and you should agree to that. Otherwise, a piece of cake.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


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