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Some thoughts on our purpose

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I have been thinking about some of the recent postings and have decided that maybe I have lost sight of what this Board is all about. I had thought it was an avenue to offer support and encouragement to other women dealing with uterine cancer, to share new ideas about treatment options, to learn about cutting edge research and the possibilities that offers. But alas, it appears that I have been mistaken!

I do ponder the idea that just maybe there is more than chemo and radiation when dealing with cancer (and I not saying chemo, radiation, etc are wrong...I went that route and I do not regret that decision). What leads me to this thought is that one of our main front-line drugs is a drug that has been on the market for many decades and yet, we are not seeing great advancement in curing this silent killer. Surely there are more hopeful, effective possibilities. With all the new drugs found to treat various types of cancer, it seems that uterine cancer remains in the shadows. SO, if Universities are not going to do new research on this topic, then why not learn about cancer research in other areas that just might be applicable to us?

When I signed on to this site, I had no expectations, other than learning more about uterine cancer and receiving and offering support for fellow sisters. I didn't know there was a requirement to agree with every individual's posting or that we should only read those posts that agree with our own thinking. That seems rather limiting to me.

I have enjoyed so many of the women have I met here and have learned SOOOO much. But attacks on those who are merely trying to share information that may be of interest and/or helpful to others is simply unacceptable to me. We must look at new possibilities! I believe it was Einstein who defined insanity as: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Sometimes it feels like that here!

I will continue to cursor through some messages more quickly that don't seem relevant or interesting to me, and linger a bit more over something that intrigues me. No one tells me what I need to focus on; I make that decision for myself. Nor should I censor what others may want to say or read.

I am not aware that anyone here has come up with the magic formula to cure uterine cancer. There is no right way and no wrong way, but let us be open minded to the possibilities. We are all just trying to continue this journey as best we can and hopefully we will each find support among our fellow sisters and also discover a few nuggets of information that we find interesting and/or helpful.

Wishing all of you a very long, happy and meaningful life! And I thank you each for sharing the information that you find interesting, helpful and hopeful! I am so much more informed than I was 3 years ago!

The best to each of you!


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I agree with everything you have written.



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I came here with no expectations, other than to find others in similar situations and to try to give and gain support through this difficult journey. I enjoy reading posts of all kinds, about all therapies, whether they are "conventional" or "alternative" and I make up my own mind about what is best for me. I am sure that many ladies here approach the boards in the same way.
Sometimes the debate is calm and supportive, sometimes heated - if we believe in something and are passionate about it, then it is perfectly normal to defend it.
But I would just implore everyone to stay with it and try to move forward - please don't leave the boards because we've hit a choppy patch. I need you - ALL of you - whatever your views.
Kindest wishes

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I've gained so much from this site and do understand we can't control others thoughts and opinions....it's free right? As you mentioned Karen, no one has found the magic bullet to kill cancer, therefore we must gain help and guidance from each other. Now when we get petty about others postings it brings negativism to our site...not good for anyone battling cancer or any disease.

Over the past few years, been on a few other site and many in the end are eroded with flares of tension...people leave!! Can we blame them?

One thing I've learned during my cancer journey, be honest and enjoy each day. So why belittle anyone, it only hurts me and others. Life is way too short so I've decided to view each and everyone of us with love. Why be negative.

I will not leave this site, but know the times I peek in are very limited and when I do, tend to not read all the latest news. Bet I miss alot of the behind the scene issues...good for me I guess.

Peace & love to everyone...lets all be big people and know why we're here...to help each other and gain more insight on our journey with cancer... Everyone is allowed their opinion.....


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Thank you, Karen, for a very thoughtful post. I, likewise, had no expectations when I came upon this site. I had been dealing with cancer for over 16 years and had never reached out to a support group. In the 2 years since I have joined this board I have so welcomed all the shared experiences and support I have received. But equally as valuable is the willingness of others to bring their research on cutting edge treatments, as well as complementary and alternative therapies. I have learned so much!

We all arrive here at different points in our cancer journey, from the newly diagnosed to the later stage survivor. Our needs can be quite unique as we battle a common enemy. This site offers all the opportunity to expand individual’s awareness of all the possibilities to enhance our quality, and hopefully quantity, of life. We are all quite capable of critically evaluating any post we come across, just as we have done with every other life experience. No two people see the same view in the exact same way and yet we can all appreciate it for what it is. Others comments can open our eyes to see that view from a new perspective. To agree or not, to be enlightened or not, is the right of each individual and that right deserves respect. A respect which contributes to that individual's quality of life.

Let's continue to help make each of our journeys as successful as possible. We can help each other in ways that no medical or other professional can -- they do not walk in our shoes.

Wishing you all continued success in your journey at whatever stage you may be.

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Our purpose here? Now that is a really good question, Karen. I came to this site for comfort and hope. I haven't been dissapointed. I have received both. Hopefully, I give hope and comfort in return. For me that is what it is all about.

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I came here to support someone who didn't feel they were being supported . I may have taken that to far or done it with less finese.

Karen you make a very thoughtful gentle leader. Ive always like what you have had to share.


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You are very sweet!

I wish you good health and much happiness always!


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