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Mom' s thumbnail just fell off

sleepless in jersey
Posts: 185
Joined: Feb 2011

Could anyone tell me are the rest of her nails going to fall off?
Was on taxotere and now on Gemzar. They all turned brown and look like there lifting not sure though.
So heart wrenching for mom, no hair, losing her eyebrows, eyelashes, nails are brown and no yest. rt thumbnail just popped off :(
I hope someone could shed some info on this for mom.
Thanks...Hope your enjoying this beautiful day ;)

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Joined: May 2011

I was on Taxotere for 3 months. Cisplatin and etopocide prior to that.
My hair went first. My nails got real brital and cracky but never fell off.
I guess I can see that happening. I know of people being on taxotere for alot
longer than I was, never saw that happen. Don't know about gemzar.

sleepless in jersey
Posts: 185
Joined: Feb 2011

Thanks for your reply spoke to onc yest and she said its from the taxotere that she was on last :(
We just hope the rest dont continue!

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