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Heard it again - NED "doing the dance"

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FINALLY after 3 weeks from last CT scan we met with Dennys ONC, 3 weeks was terrible to wait but we figured that if something showed up we would have gotton a call sooner. Konwing that did help some with the wait but not toally we still worried.

And we got the news still NED after surgery which has now been 25 months.

So we have the next 6 months to relax and enjoy before the next scan/tests.

Will be clipping on our wings and heading to our HI home for the Winter again.. leaving Nov 6th. and now we can do it stress free.

Recap: Stage IIB (T4a, NO, MO)- No Chemo but on suppliments and better diet.

I like when people people post their stage - Its kind helps if people are researching their stage cancer by following others with the same stage. Maybe its just me that likes it but incase there are others I will always try to remober to post my husband Stage.

We can now say ALOHA Hawaii here we come!!!

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Happy for you and your husband. Last Winter I was doing Folfox so could not visit my son in Honolulu. Just graduated from 3 month scans to 6 month scans NED also so this Winter leaving next week for Arizona and plan to fly this Winter to see my son in HI. Have a wonderful Winter in that beautiful state.

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Arizona?? I just got back from there a couple weeks ago. North of Phoenix - it sure was hot the days I was there 101-103 every day... I'm not used to those temps..

Have a great time in Hawaii and Congrats on your NED report also!

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The locals in Phoenix call those the cool days, almost time to get out the winter coats.

Last time I was there it was about the same, but we had a dust storm hit the town about 15 minutes after my flight landed. It was quite the site to see that wall of dirt approaching the airport!

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enjoy, Judy

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Time to do that naked happy dance. What wonderful news. Have a great time in HI.


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Great news! I think you'll love Hawaii. Soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful ocean!


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indeed!!! Enjoy Hawaii!!!
Winter Marie

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Time to party! Congrats!

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Thank you everyone for the well wishes.

Yep clipping our wings on and will be leaving Nov 6th not sure when we will come back more then likely be either April or May! This year we only purchased one-way tickets so we can be more flexible on when we return back to Idaho for the Summer.

Aloha and thank you all again!

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Hi Laurie,
Wonderful news! So happy for you! When you mentioned Idaho, I looked at your name and thought that might be your zip code, so looked it up. If it is, we live not too far from you in Potlatch.

Have a wonderful time in Hawaii--and let us know when you are back in the state!

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Ahh.. yes Potlatch - not too far from us. We live in Harrison the only other city (town) on Lake Coeur d' alene. Very small town 236 people but Summers its a tourist town and on weekends can jump to over a few thousand tourist and vacationers at any given time. Winter I swear they roll up the sidewalks and very remote to go anywhere for supplies. For instance to get gasoline in the winter is about a 50 mile RT to do so. Thus one of the reasons Hawaii for Winter. We are on the south east side at end of the Lake whereas the city Coeur d' alene is on the northern end.

Love Idaho also, we feel very fortunate to have homes in both Hawaii and North Idaho. Hawaii has of course the Ocean and beaatiful tropical folage not to mention the mild weather all year round. Idaho - well there is nothing compared to the crisp mountain fresh air when you step outside in the morning that can compare. I love that morning air... like a new birth crisp and clean also the beautiful lakes, rivers all surrounded by Mountains and tall pines.

Yes, we feel blessed for sure!

If your ever in our neck of the woods let me know and maybe we can meet..

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Same here. It would be great to visit and share our battle stories!

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That's great news! Enjoy your time in Hawaii!


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I'm soo happy to hear good results :) Congratulations to you both!

Gail, 3C

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Enjoy your time in Hawaii...
People should be including their stage in their profiles, you can usually find that information there.
I agree that it is nice to find others in a similar situation as you are.

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