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Anyone had their blood or urine iodide measured ?

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My friend's doc in New York suggested he collect 24 hour urine to check his iodide level at the end of his low iodine diet. Has anyone here done that ?

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Hey Mark,

I'm sure I mentioned it, but this book I'm reading (or using as a resource) states the physicians affiliated with their institution collect a "random" urine iodine sample before RAI-it goes on to state the 24 hour urine is not really necessary but a random urine is a nice "snap shot" of the iodine intake from the day prior. I looked on line to see if I could get a iodine urine dipstick test but couldn't really find anything affordable.

None of my docs mentioned this test i'm sure partly because the accuracy is limited to the intake of iodine from the previous day.

How are you feeling? I get my RAI on Thur...count down.


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Virtually no doc orders the test. I asked for it. A spot urine does no good because it is not timed.

Most places around her do a 123 pre-scan the day before the 131 treatment. Supposedly it helps them decide on the 131 dose. How do I feel ? Weird, strange.

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