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2nd chemo cycle done, scan time

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The good news is hubby is finding it easier to swallow and is doing a better job of maintaining his weight (finally). Good thing he had some to spare.
His hair is slowly going, less everyday but no Vin Deisel look yet!
This cycle was much easier for getting pills done, no missed pills this time.
Still a bit concerned about bloodwork as wbc was low, just above where they would have said "no chemo" for an extra week. Hopefully a better diet this time will help with this.
He has mentioned "hot ears" a few times, cisplatin? But it passes quickly.
His BP is also low now so back to GP for monitoring, only noticable when he gets up too quickly.
So CT on Wed, oc on Thurs, maybe more chemo on Fri.
I hate all the waiting, but neither one of us is looking forward to the surgery either.

Wife of Nicholas
dx mid june T2N2M0

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I remember feeling dizzy if I got up fast. It was all about getting enough fluids. I just took my time and went slow. Whats the big hurry anyway? right? Taking a shower was tough too! I did not want the surgery. After all...the chemo and radiation cured me so I felt that I didn't need it. I was scared and fooling myself. Thinking too much. I came to my senses and got in shape for surgery. Put the blinders on and went for it. Worked out good and now about 6 months down stream from that day I am feeling better everyday. Trust, a good attitude, grandchildren and a good surgeon.

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You will be in our prayers as you close in on the next scan.

The waiting is very difficult, I remember. We aren't that far away from that being only 1 month past surgery.

If Nicholas is able to rebuild his strength and keeps a good attitude, you've got 1/2 the battle won. Same for you - it's just as important for you to remain strong, upbeat, and positive.

Prayers to you both as you make the trek toward surgery. You've got the world behind you here!

wife to Nick, age 48
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THE 09/08/11

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I remember having low blood pressure during chemo as well. I found I needed to move slowly after being in one spot for while.
And of course as others have mentioned hydration is key. Hope things continue to go well for Nickolas.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

Ivor Lewis 12/03/2009

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My husband has had issues with dizziness during chemo. Twice he needed hydration at the cancer center. They determined he needed it because when he stood up, his BP dropped. We were at our PCP for a check 3 weeks ago, and I mentioned I thought he needed hydration. The PCP checked his BP and electrolytes and said he wasn't dehydrated and he wanted him to try a rather old-fashioned medicine (Fludrocortisone). I had little hope for this. But, he has been feeling so much better since starting it, and the oncologist says it's fine for him to take.

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