anyone experiencing these side effects

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Moms on Gemzar and Onc is thinking theres a possability that she has been in and of the hospital because of some side effects from Gemzar.
Spirts of shortness of breath (that caused her to come home on oxygen), diarrhea, on/off facial swelling and cant sleep at night now and again? A friend told us poss. of toxic over load? I also read up that under rare cases you could have narrowing of I forgot where that could cause shortness od breath, but docs say NO (her assoc. said that and the pulmonoloogist).
The nurse who gave Mom her chemo on wed. had seen some side effects with previous patients, but didn't tell us what, but contacted the Onc who said to up the steroid from 4mg to 10mg in her IV.

Just would like to hear from somebody who is experiencing the effects of Gemzar to help Mom out.

They dont want to change the course since her early scan last wk showed tumors have shrunk, however you have fluid in both lungs (dont ask me how you could have fluid in LT lung since she had the pleurodesis done 8/30).

I miss Deb so much, we use to speak about this. I just hope there is somebody who could help me!



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    I've had 3 treatments of
    I've had 3 treatments of Gemzar so far, but no side effects. Maybe some facial swelling but I didn't know if it was from the steriods of not. I wonder if it is working as I still feel pain from different spots where I know there is cancer. But I tell myself that I have to give it time. I'm also on cisplatin.
    Sorry I wasn't more helpful.