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6th chemo

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Hey Sisters !! I had my 6th tx yesterday. I was on taxol/carbo. There is a national shortage of taxol. I did get switched to taxotere. This was supposed to be my last tx, but ca 125 though still coming down is at 232. Last month it was 363. Onc said this does happen but I am worried that I am becoming resistent ? I am not sure what that means exactly. Ca 125 wouldn't still be dropping though if it was not working would it? I am confused. I have to do a neulasta shot today sometime. I found tahini butter. Someone told me to ck wallyworld for tea tree oil- about 5 bucks a bottle. I read someone else suggested claritin- would generic work? I am just a little down about more txs, but I am ready to fight on!!! Thanks for all info and advice !!!

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I did my 6th and last treatment yesterday as well. My CA125 only dropped one point from 8 to 7 for treatment 5. I am hoping for a bigger drop with treatment 6. Do you know what your "normal" CA125 was. Mine was at 10 in 2008, so mine may not go any lower. My pre-op CA125 was 1150 and it dropped to 141 post surgery and before treatments. My blood work is scheduled for 3 weeks as well as appointment with GYN/ONC and then a scan. I am hoping and believe in my heart that I will be NED/Remission. 6 treatments have really kicked my butt. I am on steroid burn for today and tomorrow, dreading bone pain week and then the exhaustion will set in. What is the tea tree for? Claritin? Neulasta? I never was advised on any of these things. The only supplements i was advised to take was high dose Calcium and D to prevent osteoperosis and Glutamene for neuropathy. Could your ONC order a new scan to see what is going on inside instead of just relying on the CA125 as a measure of results? Your CA125 is really dropping a lot....so that is good news. I would push for the scan so you can really know what is going on. Hang in there fighter!

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Hey Susan !! I have to take taxotere instead of taxol because of the shortage. The neulasta shot helps with the blood counts because the taxotere will make them very low. The tea tree oil is to help with nail fungus. The claritin I take because of my allergies and it was posted here that it would help. The neulasta can cause bone pain. I am happy my ca125 is still coming down. The onc wants me to continue on chemo till it gets down to below 34. So I am continuing on every 21 days just as before.I don't know what my normal count was, but pre-op it was around 4700. The only difference is the taxotere which takes about an hour to infuse instead of the 3 the taxol took. There is a supposedly a national shortage of the taxol,so we don't have it here any longer. I am having a scan on the 25th of this month. The onc said he didn't really expect anything due to the fact I am still taking chemo. I know what you mean about kicking your butt. I have been really tired since yesterday. I think I slept the clock around. Good luck with the NED. I am praying hard for you lady. Stay in touch !! Jackie

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Hi Susan...I have my last treatment tomorrow also! Number 6! I really hope we both stay NED forever. Praying for you!


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