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Next P.E.T. scan

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I found out today that my next P.E.T. scan is scheduled for November 21. This will be the second one after completion of treatment. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be fine. My theme song has been Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds". The chorus is "everything will be okay". Then maybe my Christmas present will be removal of my port!

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I'm sure all IS okay. Just think healing, prayerful thoughts. Lots of prayers from me for you. Angela

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Scan time is the most anxious for me and I know probably all of us. I completed tx 6-30-09, and my next scan is in Jan 2012. I just know that since we are examined and scanned so often, that if any thing were wrong it would be caught early and be very treatable. I also know that with such a high cure rate with the treatment we receive, the odds are in our favor. I wish us all well. Lori

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We all experience it and probably always will. Prayers that this one and all the ones in your future will be... clean, clear, unremarkable!

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Thanks for the positive thoughts! Before I had my PET scan in July (after completing treatment) my oncologist told me not to think about the scan but focus on building strength...easier said than done, but wise advice. So I'll keep busy and think positive thoughts... :-)

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I hope your PET scan will give you all good results and you can get that port removed, which is a huge step in the recovery process! May God bless!

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Welcome back, Martha! Yes, I'm hoping for good results, but still trying not to think about it... Hmmm, maybe I could turn the port into an ornament...

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I'm scheduled the same day ... will think of you! xoxoxo

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