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mouth blisters after any "food"

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my hubby's mouth blisters along the roof and alongside his upper gums (between gums and cheek) after he tries to "eat" anything such as ensure, shakes, etc. water and coffee (with creamer) doesn't do this (so far). He thought it was just part of the process so he hadn't mentioned it to the doc until today. they had never heard of that happening! we actually had him drink some ensure right there in the office and lo & behold, within about 3-4 minutes, the blisters appeared! she swabbed one, we should have the results in a couple of days. but meanwhile, back at the ranch, nobody knows what the heck is causing them and they are painful! at this point (1 month post treatment), we think this is the primary reason he can't eat. his primary doc was contacted and suggested benedryl.

has anyone else had these blisters come up after eating??

thanks in advance!

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I hope someone here can relate. This one is new to me. Did the benedryl help?

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If you haven't heard then I'll ask my mom's chemo doc (same one who treated me 15 years ago) if he has ever heard of it.

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Sound like an allergic reaction to something in the shake, look at the ingredients and see what is in everything that gives him the blisters. Sometimes this is caused from preservative in the food we eat, I hope this helps


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we start the benedryl tomorrow. he doesn't want to try anymore food tonight :(
we're thinking an allergic reaction too, except what would be the common demoninator? we thought dairy, but that doesn't work. it's happened with:
ensure (like 99% dairy free)
high protein high cal shakes (vanilla ice cream, half n half, whey protein, whole milk, juven)
chicken strips (he was brave)
french fries
toast w/cream gravy
plain cheesecake (blisters worse)

it's not happened with:
coffee w/flavored creamer

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Gluten allergy? Idk. Like at least four of those things probably had gluten in them. I've read gluten can cause mouth sores. And actually, come to think of it, at one point my gastro lady, she had me tested for celiac disease.

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ok. that's a good start! i will call that doc tomorrow and press a little further. neither one of us didn't know this wasn't normal. maybe if the benedryl works, he can actually have some food tomorrow!!

thanks everyone, ya'll are the best.

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FWIW. I too experienced this after I started eating stuff orally again post treatment. I too was like your husband in that I figured it was just part of the process so I never mentioned it. I can't say that mine were painful per se. More of an annoyance that went away after an hour or two. I can't recall if it was only certain foods or what the common denominator might have been. I do know that this went away after approx three weeks. God Bless you and your husband!


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also for a short time after that. They would always crop up as i ate. Several times the family went out to a restaurant, and i would have to head for the car and leave everyone to finish without me. It was painful,and it would gag me, because they would come up in the back of my mouth and even into my throat. I would use campho-pheniq on a q-tip to numb them, and sometimes it helped. I never did get a good explanation of them. But something about cracker barrel was the worst for some reason, but now 6 months later i can chow down just about anywhere and the blisters are just a bad memory. If your results are like mine they should begin to lessen and go away soon.
Best of luck to you. Tonyb.

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Mine were big water blisters that I could break open just by running my tongue over them a couple of times. My first was triggered by hot peppers on a beef sandwich, Big mistake. FYI the chemical in toothpaste that makes it lather is a known irritant and blister agent. There are brands available without this substance. It should pass as the tissue lining becomes more pliable.

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while i hate that anyone had to go through this, it's helpful to know that we are not alone.
it sounds like this phase should go away fairly soon....

tammy & neil
have a good weekend everyone!

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My husband gets them EVERY time he tries to eat something other than his "formula." The ENT had no clue as to what they are - they are like little water blisters, thousands of them, all over the roof of his mouth and the inside of his cheeks, probably in his throat, too. He's 2+ months post radiation. I know it's not gluten related, because we've tried to avoid that, as he does have ciliac issues.
I hope it is truly just a phase Bob (and I) are going through, and I hope it is the same for you two, Tammy & Neil

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I know this thread is old, but I'm experiencing the same thing! A cluster of clear fluid-filled blisters in my mouth (mostly located above the uvula and the hard palate) whenever I had foods. Has anyone found out what they are? How to treat them? They are really annoying.

BTW, I had 39 fractions of radiotherapy and 3 cycles of cisplatin chemo. My last radiation was on 7/23/2018. I'm in the recovery phase. I suspect these little guys had something to do with my damaged salivary glands. I'm just really frustrated now, and I would like some answers. 

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They are fluid accumulated under the mucosa from awakining mucosal glands. Since the dranaige tubes are damaged by the radiation, they can not flow into mounth. They increase after food because eating stimulates glands to produce more oral secretions. This is what my dr said. There is no treatment. It is part of the healing game. Wish you the best.

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