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Final Plea

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This is my plea to the Warden for my visit.

Warden Steele
Deberry Special Needs Facility
7575 Cockrill Bend Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0471

October 6, 2011

Dear Warden:

On yesterday I faxed a letter to you requesting a visit with my husband at the Cannon Cancer Center located at Centennial. By the end of business day, I had not received a response and learned you were not in the office for most of the day. This communication is for the purpose of a reminder I am awaiting a response to my request.

Due to my husband’s current condition, I am in fear of suffering a loss of consortium (intimacy) with my husband. There are certain things a husband and wife share during the end stages of life that is not shared with others. Such things as forgiveness for things brought into the marriage and the role you played and encouraging your spouse to make peace with themselves and their higher power. There are things that need to be said to one another to make the process a little easier. I am a very spiritual person therefore; I believe in the power of prayer and lying hands upon the person I am praying for in situations such as his. The bond we share as a bond of matrimony is not only a bond of physical and emotional, it is a spiritual bond as well. All of this is considered in the term intimacy.

I don’t know that my husband is at this stage due to the fact I am unaware of the reason for his transfer to the Cancer Center. However, if he is, I would like the opportunity to be able to discuss such things with him before he is unable to do so. Moreover, he needs to know he is not alone or abandoned. If he is in a state of confusion, I’m sure he doesn’t understand why I am not there forgetting where he is and the rules in which he has to live by.

I am in sincere hopes all of these factors as well as the previously mentioned factors are being considered upon consideration of my request. I look forward to hearing from you with a response.

If you have any questions or concerns as it relates to this communication, I can be reached at (615) 578-2819. Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to such a sensitive matter.


Teresa C. Pendergrass

Cc: Attorney Carla Ford
Commissioner Derrick Schofield
Governor Bill Haslam

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I hope that you get a response from them soon. That is a very well thought out letter and it should be honored.

Good luck! Let us know what the outcome is.


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I am usually on the head and neck board but accidentally got on here one day and saw your story. I have been following it ever since. I am so angered at all you have been through and at the treatment of your husband. My heart and prayers go out to you daily. It is so awesome that your husband has someone like you to fight for him and care for him. You deserve to spend time together now. I wish you the very best always.


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If you don't get a response, you might want to contact the local TV station! That will set a fire under them!

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I know it is a hard road for you and hope for a positive response from this warden. I agree with Mamacita....if this letter does not do the trick, call a local t.v. network. Might not be a bad idea anyway. It would definitely bring some light to the plight of inmates and their families who are dealing with medical conditions, such as your husband. Stay strong and God bless.

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what a great idea. Be carefull though, they might get even uglier.

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