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Lung cancer mets. to brain

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hi,I am a regular visitor to the colorectal site, because tht is my diagnosis.
Today is was confirmed tht my sister has lung cancer metastisised (?) to the brain
She had her lung out 15 years ago! They are going to start radiation asap.. Right now the dr. says no chemo. There are 2 spots on one side and 1 on the other. after having a colon resection in july, periotinitis and a temporary bag, she was doing well and then had a seizure. a lot for a 5 ft tall 100lbs lady of 60 to go through.
I guess i am looking for input from anyone who may have has this diagnosis.
Thanks in advance for you help

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Not sure if I understand. your sister had lung cancer 15 years ago? And just now had mets to brain? I'm so sorry to hear that. What was her dx 15 yrs ago? She did wonderful then and hope she will do as well now. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I think there may be things they can do for her. Good luck

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Thank you. The dr. is floored that it took that it took this long to show up. they are starting radiation.

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