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Buuuzzzzz????? Buzzard..where you be????

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Hey Schweetheart!
Where you hiding out? Any news on anything? You good?


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Hugs !

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Its Wednesday here at about 11;30...I go in at 1 to get my pump off. I feel a little chitty but not near as much as I did before. Last time I was down until Sunday (a week) nausea and such. This time with the help of a friend I took some supplements which took care of all of the nausea and I am up and around with just a slight bit of quesiness.
If it might help anyone L-Glutamine is what I am taking on a regular basis to help rebuild the digestive system as where the Irinotecan tears it down and causing all of the nausea. I take 2000 mg per day right now and am going to up to 2500 per day and experiment with that until I find the right dosage to accomodate my side effects the best. Nausea being the main culprit. I do take other supplements but in my opinion I think the Glutamine has worked wonders on my nausea.........Thank you for thinking of me..I have simply slept the last 2 days just trying to get through. I have actually eaten a bowl of chili each day and a milkshake as well..and cinnamon toast with oatmeal for breakfast.something that last time I couldn't do for 5 days...hopefully I am up for 11 good days and 3 bad ones....I can deal with that...love to all........buzz.

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Nice to see your handsome face again. So sorry to hear that the nausea is bad. Now, I think if I ate a bowl of chili and a milkshake at the same time, it would do me in also. LOL Love both, but not together.

Keep up the good fight and remember we're all here rootin' for ya.



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