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purposely misled

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Most of you who have followed my story knows what has been going on to this point. Therefore; I won't go into it again, so please go back and read if you haven't heard it. I haven't been allowed to see my husband in over a week now. I receive daily updates on his condition because I'm not allowed to call the hospital myself either; someone from the prison has to give me information. On Friday, I was told he was doing better, vitals were good, more alert, less confused and they were going to leave the chest tube in for precautionary measures. Over the weekend I didn't hear anything due to the fact prison officials are off on weekends. The one I have to talk to anyway. Yesterday, I was told no changes; still more alert, less confused, vitals good. Today, same story. However when I contacted the Chaplain to see if he had or plans to see my husband he mistakingly told me something I didn't know. My husband has been transferred to another hospital. I contacted my liason to ask why I wasn't told. She immediatley wanted to know how I found out. Of course, I didn't tell her. When I asked why he was moved, I was told to receive treatment for his cancer. Of course, I'm thinking; okay they are going to give him more radiation. I contacted the hospital to inquire and spoke with a nurse who told me my husband had gotten worse; he now has three chest tubes, one in the right lung and two in the left. The blood sugar that was so high that required insulin is now ver low. His output is low and he is being kept comfortable with pain medication. How do these people sleep at night knowing they are lieing to family members. I want to believe they don't sleep well at all.

I have retained an attorney, but he wasn't available today. I am hoping to reach him tomorrow.

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I am sorry but your post made me mad! I can't believe our political and criminal system are made up of a bunch of robots that don't give a ****! Regardless of the situation that put the person on the other end of the bars it doesn't give anyone any right to treat another human being like an animal and think that noone else in this world give a crap about them. They are wrong...YOU ARE RIGHT in getting an attorney. Taxpayers pay their good hard tax dollars for our jails and we are treating the inmates like they are animals in a zoo (and I mean the ones that don't deserve to be treated that way, your husband included). Yeah sure, three hots and a cot is nice when you are incarcerated but when you have a medical concern they should be more compassionate and not give the family the run around like they are giving you.

I am sorry what you have to go through and even more sorry for what your husband has been going through. I am still in awe on how they misled you. This is probably why my husband wants to die at home and not in a hospital (seems they are the same way whether being in a jail or a public place). I know of one lady whose husband was in the hospital with cancer and when she went to visit the husband blantly said "I am dieing" so she went to get the nurse and the nurse said "the doc was just in there and he is fine" Long story short, the husband died 15 minutes later.

What is wrong with people in this world. I hope you get some sort of justice (ironic word right now) for all the crap they are putting your husband through and you through. My prayers are with you honey!

Sorry for being so blunt but I just think I needed to vent on the wrongs of people.

Take care and keep us informed!

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No, Kelly, don't apologize for venting. I needed to know someone cares and feels the same as I do as a human being. This kind of response, believe it or not, gives me comfort. I am so angry! My plans are to go the hospital whether I can see him or not. At least I am there in case something goes wrong.

Again, thanks for your response and your support.


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