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Finally got my fix!

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Was able to go over to my daughter's today and get some snuggle time in with our newest grandson. He was born two weeks ago but we had to leave the day he got home to go to my stepfather-in-law's funeral so we missed his first week. Then Jake had a treatment and our son-in-law was home getting his two weeks of bonding with the little guy.

So, finally, it was my turn. That has got to be better than any drug for de-stressing a person. Should check my blood pressure. It's probably twenty points lower!

This has been a very dramatic time right now with extremes. We have a death and birth piggy-backing each other and we are getting to share in the joy of a new life beginning in our family while friends are traveling to be with their precious six year old granddaughter who is dying of neuroblastoma. It is difficult to try to emotionally keep up with everything. So many people we know are getting diagnosed with serious illnesses right now--and they aren't all our age so it isn't just that we are getting older. I hate it but know that good can come from all things--we received much from the difficulties that we went through the last time we had to deal with cancer, so I just have to trust. I'll just have to get a lot of de-stressing snuggles in while he is still small enough to like them--the time doesn't last nearly long enough!

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Grandchildren are the best medicine, no matter what ails you!


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I see two of my grandchildren only twice a year, another one I see everyday (watching him grow up is fabulous)and the other 4 times a year. So I understand the FIX and the joy it brings. So glad you finally got to get it!!!!!
Winter Marie

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Yes, I'm going back for more soon!

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