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i need an advice

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Hi everyone,
my auntie,58 years old,was diagnosticated with stomach cancer in october 2010.Wastold 6 months to live,but she is still alive nowadays.
However,she was getting chemotherapy,and latelly her situation got worse.Few days ago she had blood in her stool and since then she was vomiting blood everyday.Shewas admitted in the hospital.
The doctor said she is in the terminal fase,nothing much can be done according to him.He said he can think of making her undergo a surgery to remove/replace the stomach,due to high ammount of blood clots in the stomach.
What I would like to ask is,does anyone know if Protocel or Kelley Therapy might work in such cases?
I read that so-called palliative chemo,such as 5-FU and leukovorin,might help,together with IVC.
Does anyone here know personally someone who got healed from cancer stage 4 using Protocel or homeopathic treatements?
Any advice would be of great help.
Best wishes!

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