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Update to Bad Sad CT Today two weeks ago

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Sara Zipora
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Felt constipation for a week, kinda had PTSD flashback from one year two months ago when Uterine Clear Stage IV Grade III was discovered, no other symptoms besides the constipation.
Finished four Carbo/Taxol/ two Carbo-Doxil eight months ago. Changed diet to reflect Servan-Screiber's Anti Cancer book, exercise on treadmill six days a week, you warriorettes were and are fountains of knowledge and support.
I 'negotiated' CT for Sunday got prelim results today, about 5 cm tumor in pelvic are putting pressure on colon but mainly seems to be in pelvic area closer to cervics.
Devastated, thought all we, I was doing would stave off 'expected' recurrence. Guess you can't fool mother nature (as the old ad used to say).
Waiting for Ca 125 results on Wednesday. One moth ago it was 7.5.
Don't think they'll operate, Chemo again.


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Sara, do you have any more info - until a biopsy is done, it may NOT be cancer. Your low ca125 is a very good thing just a month ago.

Hang in there and Keep us posted. Thinking of you. Mary Ann

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Sara Zipora
Posts: 231
Joined: Sep 2010

Have Dx Stage IV B Stahe III combined type clear adenocarcinoma. First op July 2010, then four months of carbo taxol and two of Doxil Carbo. NED eight months, but this wasn't really tru, had CT April, bloods every four weeks scheduled for CT end Oct/ Nov. But my luck my cancer didn't show up on bloods or CA 125 when buggers were busy. Am taking Megace but in hindsight should have had low dose Chemo whole time.
Beacuse felt constipation, bloods fine, Ca 125 fine, had CT. which found tumor 5-8 cm in area where uterus and rest of female organs were.
Since then had PET.Had colonoscopy yesterday, it's clear.
Went back to Dr Dottino Onc Gyn at Mt Sinai NY who did first surgery, he is operating on Monday, then will go back home for Chemo. Also planning to get live tissue analysis done at Johns Hopkins with high tech company behind it from Israel, experimental out of the box, but analyzes and grows live tumor cells to make educated guesses on what Chemo wont work and what might.
Any experience?
It seems like a turkey shoot, especially since I read up on articles Linda suggested and no matter what ones does time between recurrences at this stage and grade is 8-12 months and then back to the drawing board. All who see me can't belie bloods and stamina as good as it I'd I credit you guys with turmeric, Servan Screiber and 6 days per week excersize. I feel mobilized ( that's a pun from the laxative goop one has to drink pre colonoscopy, and again pre surgery.)
Husband a great source of strength even though he's not in agreement with surgical option before Chemo option to shrink tumor. I am and surgeon fully agrees.
Kids coming pre and post surgery for support, to me but mostly him,as I will be occupied.
(((hugs))))) to all and thanks again for being there.

Thanks for being there.

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So sorry you have to go through this, Sara. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. I am glad to hear you have a great support group! I will be sending you positive thoughts for your surgery on Monday.



Lois B.
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Thanks for sharing your news. I was a bit worried as I was looking at the new posts and didn't see any from you for a while

I feel that it's about time that they do the turkey shoot. It's amazing to me the new technology that is finally here. It's been too long in coming.

Wish you God speed as you undergo your surgery and chemo. Praying for a miracle for you and your family.


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Wishing for a successful surgery and quick recovery, Sara. Glad you have your support system in place.

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So sorry you are having to go through all of this. Good luck with the surgery and the upcoming chemo. Glad to hear you do have a good support system. In peace and caring.

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I'm so sorry that you have to have surgery again, although I agree with that strategy. It sounds like they plan to be aggessive and determined to get you back into remission as soon as they can.

I know you a faithful follower of the anti-cancer diet, but I hope you can find a way to work in some calorie-dense foods so that you don't too painfully thin and weak recovering from your new surgery. Have they mentioned supplemental drinks following your surgery? I know you won't be happy with some of the contents on the label, but I feel that the REPLETE that my nutritionist recommended is really helping me keep my vital signs and nutrient levels good even with all the problems I am having with my liver mets. But please don't take my recommendation; ask your surgeon for a referral to their nutritionist, (someone that will have access to your 'comprehensive panel' labs). You may be able to get some solid advice from a phone consultation with the nutritionist during your recovery. You may need to temporarily let an expert find a balance between your current diet and the added calories and protein that body will probably need to heal from the surgery and be ready for any upcoming chemo.

((((Sara))))). I hate cancer. I hate it that you have to get in battle mode again. Deep breath, honey. You can do this.

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Sara Zipora
Posts: 231
Joined: Sep 2010

From reading all the posts it boggles my mind how much we, the patient in the 21st C are put at the helm of decision making for our Tx.
Thank you all for sharing your experiences and being educated consumers.
I'm sure it's hard to be dusting of your emotional selves to help yet another newbee or oldbee going down your proverbial well trod path. Hope I've learned from you and can help others as much as you help me!
Linda, would celery and endives help you you flush your liver? How about putting you under Billi Rubin lights like they use for 'yellow, babies?
Just odd thoughts from someone who doesn't really know nottin.


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