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To Linda P.

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Hi Linda:

I believe you were to have a CT scan today. I hope all went well. I know you probably won't get your results for a few days.

My best to you.


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My oncologist is on vacation this week, & I have an appointment with him on Monday to review my scans and results. I could probably get my scan results now, as I know a couple of the radiologists that read them. But I am in no hurry this time. The results are just more information to me, but my family goes CRAZY when we get results that show disease progression. It bothers me more to see their grief and shock than anything and I am in no hurry to bring additional pain to them again. I try to lead by example in helping them find peace with this journey, but it takes them awhile to get used to any of my new challenges.

& Maybe it will be good news. But this late in the game as I am, the odds are it won't be. But maybe!! :)

I'll let you know! Thanks again for asking.

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Hoping to hear from you soon. I am hoping that you got good scan results.

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