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Have you ever heard of this kind of lump?

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Hi everyone...I have a question if anyone has heard of this. It's not colorectal related but sending a little scare my way still. My 9 year old daughter came to me tonight almost tearful. She said for a couple of days she has had a off and on pain in her cheek when she talks, eats, lays on that side but forgot to mention because it always went away. Tonight it hurt and she felt her face and immediately came to me almost crying. She has a marble size lump in her cheek above her bottom jaw. I felt inside and outside and its definitely not on her gum and not a tooth issue. Its on the face/cheek. I had to calm and reassure her while she was telling me something is wrong, this is not normal and she wanted to go to the hospital tonight (Sunday at 9pm). It's painful to touch and palpate. I just hate these freaky things that come upon us that take us by surprise and I don't like my child to be afraid. I know what she is thinking...

And thoughts, experience, advice please?


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I would probably go to the hospital.

In all likelihood it is nothing, but better to be safe.

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Sometimes they are not where they feel like they are or should be but are there nonetheless.

Take her to urgent care. I hope she gets better soon.

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Nana b
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Is it round, and you can move it around above and under the jaw? I have pea size little balls that are always under the gum but the go up and down. They are nerve endings and when I go to the dentist it keeps them from numbing me without a lot of anesthesia. She might have an infection going on. Take her to the dentist.


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the size of a marble i can move it around has no pain

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I just had a tooth pulled a few days ago and now the lump is shrinking. must of been an abcess  or something


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Ok...I slept terrible and she slept fine. I'm calling the Dr in the morning. It was hard not to drag her to the ER in the late night. I'm going to let you know what she says. Raquel you know...the Dentist might be a good idea. Although it's not her tooth exactly, her baby teeth are slow to fall out and it causes inlfammation on her gums. She's not having this right now though, but maybe it's linked......it's just that this is in her cheeky tissue and not the gum. omg...heavy sigh


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Because of our shared pasts, sometimes the mind can jump to the worst possible conclusion. Glad you're having it checked out so you can put both your minds to ease and resolve it promptly.

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hope all went well for her. I,ve had a marble size lump lower outside cheek I can move it around no pain dentist took xrays have to call back for results


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I'm a dental hygienist and I truly believe its noting but a blocked salivary gland (sub-mandibular) they are not serious but very painful. Just have a Dr. or Dentist look at her.

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How did it go Gail?

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okay....I called from work today and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. And by the way, I work with a group of very nice ladies in my new job. (that is a whole nother story). Kacie is comfortable enough and tomorrow will be ok. It was just the initial feel of a lump on my little girls face that sent me spinning! T H A N K Y O U sooo much for just being here to listen when no one else would ever in a billion years understand the fears the way we can. So I will let you know how the Dr visit goes and I'm thinkinging it's going to be something like the post by....I am so sorry I can't remember who made the dental hygienist (sp) post. So again thanks friends! I owe you all a cold one! Beer, juice, water....whatever brings your weekend closer!

Love, gail

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I could only imagine the thoughts that filled your head. I'm glad to hear that your daughter is feeling a lot more comfortable tonight. Keep us posted. :)Melissa

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Here is what has happened with my little girl....and thank you all. It is just so comforting even if you are all a long distance away. This group is so close to my heart!

So Tuesday I took Kacie to her Peds Dr. She said she thinks it is a lymph node. *(I thought lymph nodes might be under the chin? Like the neck area maybe? But we will see). She said also so said maybe infected gland. Prescribed antibiotic (Keflex), ordered CBC and Mandible Xray. We did those after the appt. Its good to have friends in the right places. The radiologist came out and looked at the pictures while we were there and said they should be a different Xray and told the tech to shoot a different one, which was done. He did say from looking that it looked good and he did not want me to worry. He said that the lump moving around was a good thing! Means it's not attatched to bone which would not be a good thing. He also said pain was a good thing. And that it was soft, also good thing. I called the Dr today for the results and she said the CBC was good. (I want to see it myself because good to me doesn't mean much without the numbers! But I will trust her till I can get my hands on the report.) And the Xray wasn't reported yet. (This I don't like on one hand but at the same time I know if it is emergent, the radiologist makes a stat call)....so....my beloved friends....I have to say I am breathing a sigh of relief at this point. :))

Hugs to you, gail

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Glad to see your update. I certainly hope the Keflex will do the trick and the "lump" will be whisked away, along with the intermittent pain. It's so very hard to watch your child suffer and not be able to "kiss it and make it better", no matter what the illness is.
Let us know what is on the x-ray when you can.



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Thanks for the update and anxiously awaiting for the final report. Sounds like it will be a good one.

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dear gail,
i hope your 9 year old gets well and keflex helps solve the problem.
my 10 year old girl is on keflex for an ingrown toe nail.
its a small world really, with lots of strange co-incidences. like this one.
i hope your daughter gets well soon and you can re;ax.

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I have to agree with keystone the dental hygienist. Sounds like a gland.

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Sorry I just read this, I was going to suggest it sounded like a lymph node, mine there always get enlarged when I have an infection (usually throat), although I have a habit now of feeling it since cancer came into my life, always happy to feel it's small!!
I hope it's something the antibiotics will cure quickly. I always thought it was great to have my lymph node there (always on my right side jaw line) let me know when I had an infection and knew to get antibiotics.
My best your ways,
Winter Marie

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I moticed a lump on my child's right cheek couple days ago. Should I just take him to an ENT specialist for kids or wait for his pediatric to return on Monday. I am concerned and came acoss this post. What is the best course of action.

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I believe that you have mistakenly posted to this colon cancer board.  Your son's issue may be an abscess, something that a dentist could probably confirm.

Take care

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Glad to hear all turned out well with you daughter, but how are YOU doing??? How are you feeling and where are you at now? I am not on here everyday and am kind of new to the boards, just hoping you're doing well. It's easy, after going through what you have, to be a bit panicked when our children have a lump or bump. I'm glad it was nothing to worry about.


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