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Headaches and general confusion

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I'm currently battling stage 4 liver cancer which has metastasized now all over, including my brain. I have a very large tumor in the frontal lobe, as well as two smaller ones. They are growing quickly and "infiltrating" at an aggressive rate. I'm doing chemo "at my own risk", because I'm so advanced and considered terminal, the doctors feel that the chemo could do more harm than good. The chemo is awful, but the side effects of the brain tumors are by far the worst. The headaches are unbelievable - like a mix between the worst migraine/hangover ever! Also, the confusion and seizures and short term memory loss is upsetting as well as physically painful and exhausting.

Anyone else dealing with these sorts of symptoms? What do you do to help with the pain/confusion? How do your loved ones react to it?

I really need to hear from other people dealing with the same thing.


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I am not fighting the same fight as you but my heart goes out to you and your family I will be lifting you up in my prays that you find peace throught this a battle. May God bless you and keep you while you fight the good fight. I hope some one on this board has or is going through what you are so thay can be words of hope for you


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I saw how young you are and I can understand your frustration. I do not have your type of cancer but I am dealing with stage 3c ovarian cancer and I am 32. The doctors don't know how long I will have or if it will come back. It is very frustrating and scary. I know you want to hear from someone who is going thru your type of illenss, but I can understand having to stare death in the face and I think the only way to get thru it is to appreciate each day. It sucks not being able to have control but at least we can control that.

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I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the rough time you are having with all of it. I wish I could take it all away from you. I am not fighting your type of cancer or stage but I have been dealing with cancer for the last 25 years, either through diagnosis, treatments and now alot of late effects from treatments.

I just want to say that first off your doctors should be able to keep you fairly comfortable from symptoms I would think. Only they can really understand your specific type of cancer and how best to treat your side effects and tumours.

I would also post on the liver discussion board too since that is where your primary cancer is. Perhaps others there have experienced what you are experiencing and might have some more solid answers and help for you. Maybe try to head your post in a more specific way like 'anyone else with stage 4 liver cancer mets to brain experienced terrible headaches and confusion?' Doesn't matter if the question is long. That way the geist of your question will be more easily pinpointed for anyone reading it.

I wish I had all the answers for you. Each time I answer a post I leave with a frustration that no matter what you say to someone in pain or trauma you still can't take away the initial health issue. Sigh. Still, I hope that at least you know that people on this board care and are willing to listen and support you through it all.

Hugs Bella and you are in my prayers.


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Hi bella,
I am a caregiver, so I can`t really advise you something from my own experience. However, I have read, that natural medicine is very helpful in order to decrease the nasty side-effects caused by chemo.
I know that virotherapy can be combined well with chemo, thus improving your life-quality and immune system. You can contact Latvian virotherapy center to get more information.
Hold on, and I really hope you`ll get rid of headache soon!

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My father had bad headaches form the tumors in his brain, but they have subsided after using Dechadron, a steroid that helps reduce the brain swelling. The headaches went away and his physical abilities got a little better, too. His doctors also used Whole Brain Radiation because his was very bad at the time of diagnosis. If you have brain tumors you should report headaches to your medical care team, most specifically your neuro oncologist/ surgeon.

Best to you,

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