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I'm new here.

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I just passed my 5 yr mark in July of this year. I had stage 1 RCC and not aggressive but I know better than to think that I never have to worry about the RCC returning. I gave up my left kidney with a 3cm tumor and most of the time I forget that I even had cancer. I give thanks to God for the early discovery of it. I just had a feeling that I had cancer. I thought ovarian or colon, I never ever thought of RCC. Just so thankful my doctor listened to me and found a reason to do the CT scan. (There's not a diagnosis code for "she thinks she has cancer")
We all belong to the same club. We can be supportive of each other with an understanding that is not common to everyone.

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Congrats on making your 5 yr mark. Learning you have cancer is devastating. I'm almost at my two year mark. Can't wait for the day when somebody finds a cure.
Take Care

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Kathie and Valarie,

It is nice that there are a few of us (hopefully a lot more) than can count the years rather than just weeks and months since our surgery. I just passed 9 years with hopefully a lot more to go. I want the newcomers to believe that they will be counting in years as well down the road.

Best wishes to all,


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