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The Seriousness of it all

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I just got a phone call. PC claims another victum. Gerry was a good friend, a few years older than me. When his PC was discovered it was already at an advanced stage, past surgery. He was treated with radiation at the U of MI. The radiation checked the PC but it opened the door for luekemia. Jerry's luekemia was a very aggressive type. MD Anderson couldn't check it. Jerry died last night less than a year after the luekimia dx.

There are lots of success stories here, but there are tragedies, too, of the worst kind.

Least we forget the seriuousness of what we are dealing with, I make this post in memory of Gerry Baker who lived in Clio, MI. He was a good Christian man and falls asleep in the Blessed Hope.

I wish you all well.


PawPaw J
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Trew, How true it is about the seriousness of the beast we have all adopted in our lives. It always causes me to just sit and stare in space every time I hear of someone who dies of prostate cancer. There is not many times when I tell someone I had been dx with prostate cancer and had surgery that they don't respond with " oh well that's not a bad cancer". Of course it can be cured if the cards are in our favor and I am thankful for that but...It's ashamed how little most people know about this cancer, and yes just like someone has written before it is still spelled CANCER. May God be with everyone here.


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Sharing my sentiments with you to the death of your friend Gerry.


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Sorry to read about the passing of your friend Gerry.

lewvino (larry)

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You are so right Trew about the seriousness of cancer. I just thank God that I am a prostate cancer survivor and my wife is also a melanoma cancer survivor.

You have my sympathy for your friend, Trew.

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Trew, please let me first pass on my condolences at the loss of your friend.

Until my recent diagnosis and subsequent research, I too was unaware of the seriousness of this disease. Before the biopsy of a nodule on my prostate, my urologist told me there was a 50% chance it was cancerous. I actually, briefly told myself it would be good if it were cancer so I could get rid of it and not worry anymore. How much I have learned since then. Why is this disease down played and how can this be changed?

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So sorry to hear that your friend Gerry passed away but like you said he is in no more pain and will sleep until Jesus comes. How true it is that we sometimes forget the seriousness of what we are fighting until someone we know or care about looses there battle.

Will keep his family in my prayer

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