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what does it mean to have black on ur stoma?

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well I have had my ileostomy since last April.. due to crohns.. and well my stoma is black.. and well Ive been to the ER and they always say its normal.. I mean aghhh... Ive talked to my WOCN and she said im losing blood flow.. the whole thing isnt black.. its black on the parts that connect to my skin.. on the top and bottom... and it turns purple where u see it if u look at it.. what does it mean? I just give up.. they turn me away..

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Welcome to this site. I don't have personal experience with your
condition so I can't be much help on that level. There are wonderfully
supportive people here and hopefully someone will respond soon
with experience and helpful advice.

I did a little research on what it means for the stoma to turn black or
purple and generally it relates to poor blood flow. I did see another
condition related to pigmentation changes (Melanosis coli) due to
laxative abuse over time - I doubt that is applicable to you.

Have you discussed your concerns/questions with your doctor/specialist?

Sorry I could't be of more help.

Good luck and warm wishes,


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