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Short Term Memory

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Oh my goodness, I've been having problems with remembering the simplest things since diagnosis. Sitting here tonight I'm thinking that there is something that needs to be done upstairs, so there is where I'd be heading and then go up there and can't remember the reason I'd even go up there for. Looking around upstairs, still couldn't figure out what it was. It was so frustrating, so back downstairs to think I'll remember what it was I'm supposed to do upstairs, still can't remember. I'm sure it was unimportant, but it just frustrates me that I'm losing what little mind I've ever had :)

Hugs! Kim

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and apparently is affecting one of my chemo buddies from last year.

Chemo Brain, I expect it is pretty common, but very frustrating.

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All the time! Hard to know whether it is "physical" or psychological (we are coping with a lot!). But my short term memory is truly shocking. My loved ones all know it and my colleagues seem to have worked a way around it! Meanwhile, I go through a lot of post-it notes! ("brush teeth", "go to sleep" haha)


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dear kim and blake and tara,

me too.
i don't hold grudges for too long now.
my wife and i argue to much, but at least i forget what it was when i wake up
the next day.

i could say something profound but then you guys would forget it, so whats the point.
i guess at least our posts are in writing and will be around as long as csn servers have space.


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yet to figure out where the @@@@ i put it in my bedroom!!!!! From now on, I'll write such stuff down (as long as i don't forget where i put the reminder!)(I'll make a list of stuff to ask my docs and then leave list at home!!!)

I was in a take out place and ordered roast chicken.....When the clerk gave me roast beef i asked him what he did that for......He said:"Thats what you ordered" to which i retorted:"No i didn't' " to which several firemen in line behind me all yelled out:"You ordered roast beef!!!!!" I almost started crying.......Chemobrain/memory problems are no figments of the imagination!!!!!!!! Yet i can recall stuff from 20,30,40,50 years ago!!!!!

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This has been so frustrating for me too. My business partner is starting to look at me w/ one of those "are you kidding me ?" looks. Getting back to work was hard both physically and mentally. I have been done w/ chemo for almost 6 months and still have real issues w/ short term memory. I feel like i'm loosing my mind. Does it get any better? God I hope so i'm feeling like a dummy, and I wasnt the sharpest knife in the drawer to begin with.
Maybe I should start the ginko biloba?? Tom

Thanks for the Post good to talk it out...

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I actually have a 3.45 GPA only because my math I took as a pass/no pass class, I did not pass. So far I've had two tests redoing the math class, have a 90 and a 93 at the moment. The only reason I have those grades in math is I discovered if I stay up all night studying (when I start to study and I see a problem, I'm like, what? how do you do that? Even though I've done it everyday of the week)and then sleep two hours get back up, go to the college and go over each type of problem once, I can remember long enough to take and pass the test. When I didn't do that (started to do it the last part of the last math I failed and got 98 and 100 on the last two tests, but it was too late to save me)I couldn't remember how to do the problem for the life of me. Over just one day, I forget how to do the math problems, even though I know I actually ENJOYED doing them the day before. In my other classes, I took notes heavily, then would go over the notes the day before the test, writing down what I thought was key to the class, then the morning of the test, I would spend two hours going over those notes in hopes it stayed in my memory long enough to pass the class. In others it was essays, to which was nice, I'd read what my essay was on, writing my thoughts on it as I went along (If I waited till after, I'd have to start over again, thoughts got lost)then I could write the essay no problem.
The problem with note taking is an issue though, I'll start to write what the professor said, I get half of it written and then realize I've forgotten the rest of it!! My notes have a lot of half sentences written, I have to go to the book and try and fill in what I forgot before I could write it down. Does that make sense?
Oh well, certainly makes life more interesting. I've discovered I can re-read books with just an inkling of what happens next, they seem familiar but still like reading a brand new book, I save a lot of money that way now.
Winter Marie

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Don't think I'd be any good at college, I'd probably forget to go to class :) Keep up the great scores


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Just Thursday as I left math class to attend my political science class, I stopped in the middle of the walk way trying to reason out where my political science class was exactly, I just could not recall exactly where it was, it took a few minutes trying to picture it all in my mind, then I figured I would just keep walking in the direction I had been heading. Then I remembered where it was LOL. A lot of times I think, is this the right place, is this the right time for different classes.
Oh well.
Winter Marie

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Sadly this happens to me a lot. I used to be VERY organized and a great multi-tasker. Not so on chemo... My second daughter laughs at me. She says now I know what it is like to be her. She suffers from ADD, but manages it pretty well. Multi-tasking is not a strong point for her - she gets distracted easily and forgets where she puts things or what she was going to do. She takes it in stride. It frustrated me a LOT! I don't have the patience she has for those issues. But she has always lived with it, and it is new for me.

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Confuses said, "Ink stained paperis the best form of memory."

Even then I messed up. lol
Best Always,

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What were we talking about?


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I try not to leave the house without a list, even if it's just one or two things on it, and since chemo now I have to write not just the things but the name of the store or place I have to go to buy or do the one or two things. Otherwise I just can't manage and waste a lot of gas not remembering not only what to do/get, but where to go.

I've also had a lot of trouble remembering where I parked my car even if I get to the right place and get/do the right things. I will usually use the alarm on the keyring pad to find it and that helps, but I feel like everyone in the parking lot thinks I'm a doofus for having to do that.


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Yes, count me in. It all sounds so familiar to me!


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what was i going to say ?

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I wish I would have had a list with me yesterday. I went to the gas station to get fuel and got a coffee and a coke cola and headed on my merry way to class, didn't make class in time, but did get a bit of homework done as I sat in my car on the side of the road waiting for triple A to show up. I had forgotten to get the fuel, the main reason I went to the gas station as I was on empty. Big Sigh and a hearty laugh when I realized as the car started coughing that I had forgotten it.
Winter Marie

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have had these problems our whole lives. It's nice to know that a few others are joining the group!

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