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I am a 20 year old healthy male that has trouble with my lymph nodes in my right groin area. It was noticed two months ago as I had horrible pain in the area and fever. I did have a couple beer's the night before. Doc thought I had a infection in the leg and I had a ultrasound done and surgery was preformed to drain the so called infection. There was no infection only a enlarged lymph node measuring 2.7cm and a small amount of fluid around it. they said that they thought I just had a Hematoma. After a horrible recovery as the surgical wound didn’t heal and I have had to pack it daily for almost two month’s. I just had a follow up ultra sound there are now multiple nodular lesions the largest being 3.9X2.0x0.9. doc called and wants to remove it. Should I be worried????

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I know your mind has to be working overtime, but I'd let them remove it and send for a biopsy to make sure everything is ok.

Talk to your doctor about the things that are going through your mind. Keep the lines of communication open and if you're not satisfied with the doctor, go for a second opinion.

Take it easy and take a deep breath.


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Did you ask if they submitted any fluid or tissue to pathology when they did the surgery for suspect infection? I thought it was common practice to submit fluid and/or tissue for patholgy for any surgical procedure. Sounds like they didn't as the doc now wants to remove the node.
It is almost impossible not to worry. Hopefully, scheduling the biopsy will make you feel better that something is being done to get definetive answers. Hang in there.

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Thanks for the help. My records show that there was a culture for MSSA/MRSA done that is all.
That came back negative. I did take two courses of antibiotics’ to be on the safe side but there was never any infection found. I have no regular doc only been working with the surgeon that did the first surgery. All my blood test show LYMPH % are low about 15.6 Should I ask for more test before he dose the biopsy ?

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