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Anxious. Again.

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I had my 3 month scan on Monday. Yesterday my Dr. calls to tell me he doesn't have the images yet, but the radiologist report sees something in the liver. The dr. says it may be from the surgery, (I had a bit of my liver taken along with my right kidney) in that it would be unusual to find this just 4 months after surgery. But, he says, the tumor was really big, so if we have to do more tests, we will. Arghhhh! I wish he had just said that he doesn't have the films and will get back to me Monday with the results. Now I have a weekend of worry to look forward to.

Okay, just had to vent a bit here. Back to pretending all is well.....

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Minnesota Girl
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You can always come here to vent. My first scan is still 6 weeks away and I'm already having anxious moments about it. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers this weekend.

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Why do doctors do that? I don't think they should call until they have real information. I'm sorry you are going to have to go through the weekend with anxiety.


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Ya can't live with 'em and ya can't shoot 'em (much as we'd like to at times). Sometimes I wonder how they can be so intelligent and dumb at the same time.

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Well, the doctor called, and there are nodules on the liver, so I have to go in for a liver biopsy. So I went from being anxious to extremely stressed and depressed. This sucks.
Anyone had a liver biopsy? I'm sure it's super fun.

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I haven't experienced a liver biopsy. Long story short, I asked a nurse friend of mine about it because my Brother was potentially facing one. She said you will be awake, but very very out of it. They can give you something so that you don't remember a thing. I am the biggest baby, will never know how I gave birth to my kids!!!! I would ask about your options, you must have some....I hope.
Take Care

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I have had a lung biopsy and a pancreas biopsy - I'm thinking the pancreas one would be closest to a liver biopsy. They'll give you medicine through an IV that will put you into (what I call) a twilight sleep. You'll be aware of what goes on - but extremely relaxed and pretty much pain free. Then when they do the biopsy itself, they inject something like lidocaine as they go in - which numbs the tissue and surrounding areas. They'll also ask you periodically how you're doing (meaning, are you having any discomfort) - so if you are, speak up. They want to keep you relaxed and pain free and if you start feeling any pain, tell them and they'll give you a little 'boost' of the good stuff. After the procedure you'll have to hang around for a couple of hours to get the drugs out of your system and you will probably have some pain as the drugs wear off. A few tylenol or aleve should do the trick when you get home.

Good luck to you! And yes, it does suck! Hopefully whatever they find is 'fixable' with some surgery!

Keep us informed here - we're all sailing on this same boat!

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I have not had a liver biopsy, just a kidney biopsy and that was done on a piece of kidney that was removed during my nephrectomy. But I want to wish you good luck and say that I hope it goes well. Not sure what that is worth, I'm sorry.


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