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I am still having some problems with hacking up mucus with blood in it. My PET scan a few weeks ago did not show anything like cancer the lungs, but did show 4 areas that the doctor believes to be from aspiration. Every time I eat or drink something a little of it goes into the lungs and I start hacking until I get it up and then the lungs hurt right in the middle of the chest.

Has anyone had problems with Aspiration if so what did you do and what do you think is my next step? I have another PET schedule in December just to keep tabs on it for now, just don’t want it to get worse and turn into cancer.


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Glenna M
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Sorry but I haven't had any problem similar to this so I can't really help you. I was just curious to find out if there is anything they can do, exercises, eating techniques, etc. that they can have you do so this will not happen everytime.

Coughing up blood would scare me even if they said it wasn't cancer.

Stay well,

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Hondo, I get worried when I hear that you're coughing up blood. That's what my husband did from his chemo. I sure hope they figure out what it is and take care of it.
Hang in there! "Carole"

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As head/neck survivor, you are more prone to this sort of thing. I would advise a speedy trip to the swallow technician, where you can have an ultrasound test done to determmine what it is you are doing 'wrong' and with what sorts of foods, and how you can correct it (or determine which foods to avoid).

Best of luck.

Take care,


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Hey.... u have been here a long time... this is the place to get general knowledge and support.... but on this, u need more immediate and tecnical support. Let us know the results, so we can learn and support you.

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Went to see the doctor today he said my problems is from Bronchitis & inflammation, it is not Pneumonia yet but I needed to be carful and keep a watch on it and call him if anything changes. Doing a little better to day and relived that he does not think it is anything more then that.

Also another one of my problems is I have never had a throat dilation and the opening is very small so food and sometimes even water can get backed up and go down the wrong way. I see my ENT on the 19th and will see about doing a dilation.

Thanks for all your comments and help that is why I love this place, we all learn from the experience of each other


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