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All Right!!!!! Which one of you told Johns Hopkins?

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"Popular Colorectal Cancer Drug May Cause Permanent Nerve Damage?"

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I wonder how long they had to study it and how much it cost to come to that conclusion!

Too bad they didn't put it toward a cure for CRC instead.

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... "the goal of their new study is to find ways of preventing or slowing the damage through nerve-protective therapies identfied through simple skin testing."

Sounds like a good plan and a worthy study to me. Maybe they can find something that reduces or eliminates the neuropathy. Platin therapies will be around for a long while, something that can reduce or eliminate this side effect would be a godsend for future patients.

BTW, often this kind of study can be done for very little cost, it involves no new drugs, there are graduate students doing most of the work for no salary, and the time-lines here are relatively short.

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I certainly can't disagree with a study to prevent this particular side effect.

I was referring more to the title which said "may cause"...I would have thought there would have been enough documented cases of neuro problems already without a study.

It also mentioned that:

Other Johns Hopkins researchers who participated in this study include Ahmet Z. Burakgazi, M.D., Wells Messersmith, M.D., Dhananjay Vaidya, M.D., Ph.D., Peter Hauer, B.S., and Ahmet Hoke, M.D., Ph.D

The initial study of the side effects just seemed unnecessary.

Their goal for the new study is definately worthwhile as long as oxi remains a line of defense for CRC.

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as far as paclitaxel-induced neuropathy goes:"Marijuana Extract Might Help Prevent Chemotherapy-Related Nerve Pain" as recorded at


(don't work for oxi tho.......)

PLUS:for help with chemo-induced loss of appetite,this sounds interesting:


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only joking!!!!!!!!

thanks steve for bringing the crc news to this forum, i'd miss it otherwise.

my time on the net and computer is pretty limited these days. to many good things in the real world to do.

i think they are well intended but the oncs know the truth about neuropathy and don't warn us fully for fear of people not doing folfox. just my guess here. who needs a prick test when you cannot feel the accelerator or the brake of your car, which was how bad my feet were 4 months ago.

if folfox keeps me alive i'll gratefully accept the neuropathy. my biggest complaint has always been the onc's don't recommend the protective therapies to mitagate the neuropathy.

i am just grateful my neuorpathy is almost cured, not really aware of it most days now.
now sure why it varies, but i just grateful its improved so much. its 5 months since i finished folfox.


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