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shes been gone for a week today

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she has been gone a week today. i can hear the sound of her voice. i can see her every time i close my eyes. my perfect little angel is really gone. i dnt have a gma anymore. i cant believe an entire week has gone by.im getting good at pretending im ok i still cry in the bathroom at work sometimes when i rememeber her. but im getting better at consuming myself in this work. im not ready to speak of cancer and what it has done to my family. idk if we will ever be the same without her.


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You posted on the lymphoma board and I responded:

"i remember telling myself that i wouldnt let go of her hand
until i handed her to god and i did it"
YES, YOU DID - I want you to know how beautiful that is!
It honestly made me cry and not just from sadness. I want you
to know how special you are.

There's not much I can say right now to make you feel better, Lani
but trust me, it will get better. Grief is a process and there is
no right or wrong way to grieve or set time limit. I think it's
pretty individual.

Know you are always welcome here.

Hugs across the Internet,


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I am sorry that you lost your grandma! From your posts she is a real special person in your life. I am sure her memory will carry on with you for a lifetime!

Like Jim said....hugs across the internet during your time of sorrow!!!


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And we are here if you need to vent... grief has no timeline. Our heart only knows that it has lost, that it feels shattered. Grief comes in waves... some days feel like I can get by and yet the very next day my grief will lay so heavy it smothers me and I can't breathe. "Time" was my enemy during my husband's year with cancer (melanoma). Now it seems like I will be dancing with time once again. I know I will never forget the pain of losing my husband but just maybe "time" will help heal me and leave me with only loving memories so I can be happy again. I do know in my heart that is what my husband would want for me.

My condolences to you and your family.

lovingwife to Bob, RIP May 27, 2011
Mother, lung cancer RIP May 19, 2011


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