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I feel a soft spot in my heart for Farrah. I saw her running around malibu, just like anybody else, with her hair a mess wearing an overcoat and no makeup. Her and Ryan sat behind us at dinner one nite in malibu. Their relationship seemed really intense. I really feel for her son and all his troubles and believe she is working from heaven to help him.

I think we should all get as much info about her before we say she died over her hair. As I understand she did have the standard protocol and she was a stage ll. And most of all she was a person just like us, a daughter, a mother, a lovely woman.

For all we know she and her friends and family may or might have frequented this site also.

A loving fan.

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No disrespect to Farrah, I saw the movie and it didn't specify. It just makes me sad that with all the money and fame she could have the best doctors to do the right thing by her and I don't think they did.

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I found this article from news week that states she immediately underwent surgery, then radiAtion and chemo. Then it returned quickly and she went to Germany. Www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2007.

Sounds like it was advanced if she went to surgery first, but some people decide to go the extra mile even if it is not advanced. I had a friend with a pholudies tumor in one breast, non cancerous, have both breasts and nodes removed for insurance.

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There are many accounts out there regarding Farrah and her treatment.

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Angela, you're right, as we've all heard so many different stories and rumors. Obviously, her family and friends have chosen to remain tight-lipped about it, so we'll probably never know the real story. It's a shame because it's a missed opportunity to raise awareness for this disease!

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