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Swollen lymph nodes

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I was diagnosed with hurthle cell carcinoma on Sept 7, 2011 and was scheduled to have a complete thyroidectomy Sept 28. Well I had an ultrasound on Sept 20 and it came back with 3 nodes being suspicious/enlarged. So that has delayed my surgery until Oct 5. I am having a biopsy on the 3 nodes today to see if they may be cancerous and need to be taken out at the time of surgery. The surgeon has said that they could have been damaged during my first surgery or could just be inflammed or it could be cancer and he wanted to be sure.. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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yes a lot of things can be damaged by surgery...

myself om the 2nd surgery my 2 renaming parathyroids went into shock/shutdown for about 2-3 days.

the doctors want to be sure and that's always good to hear.

if they are just bothered by the first surgery and not cancerous they will not want to remove them... but if they are cancerous they may spend more time looking to make sure no others are

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