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Another Question

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Is there anyone out there who has experienced headaches after all treatments are finished? Yesterday my daughter had to go to the doctor for a headache. He treated her for a migraine. I do trust him, but I was wondering if this is something that someone else can relate to. She finished abvd in March and radiation in August. I get really worried about everything.

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I don't remember all your daughters details so can't comment on the headaches and forget if I had any after treatments but I did get killer migraines at some point during my treatment journey but not sure at what point. I remember being in hospital one time and the nurses having to pull curtains closed and I couldn't eat because of the migraines. I just can't say where in treatment I was.

What I would like to comment on though is where you said that 'I get really worried about everything'. I know what you mean and of course we worry about our children, especially when they have diseases like this, that's pretty normal, but you really need to try to take things one step at a time, one day at a time and do what you are doing by asking others about questions and your doctors too but try to keep the worrying down as much as is humanly possible. I know this is easier said than done but maybe sometimes we just need a reminder to pull back.

It kind of sounds like maybe you have a bit of a trust issue with the doctors involved and that can trigger major worry because you don't have faith in them so you take it upon yourself more. I know for me that is true in my cancer journey. Have you had second opinions? Ask your daughter if she likes her doctor too and see what she says. Of course I forget how old your daughter is so that might be impossible if she is too young but just an idea for you to consider if she is old enough to express her opinions.

Hope all goes well. By the way do you see anyone for help with all of this? I mean a counsellor who deals in cancer caregivers/grief? I would really suggest you find a good one and go see him/her as often as they think you need too, they can be a great source of information as well, not to mention support.

Keep us posted and all the best to you and your family.



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My daughter is 24, diagnoised last year. She went to emerg yesterday about her headache. She is feeling better today but the headache is not completly gone. I thought I read somewhere about people experiencing headaches as well as other aches and pains for quite some time after finishing treatments.

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If you go to the top of Lymphoma, you can do a search on "headache"
and it will bring up several posts - many not very recent.

This one came up by dixiegirl:


It doesn't have a lot but thought this might help you
searching through the posts.


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