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dodged a 3rd bullet?

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One of the bizarre aspects of this disease has been that my wife's initial prognosis seems to keep getting worse and worse while her status gets better and better.

She has healed from her two surgeries fast, and unusually well according to the radiologist. The mesenteric invasion area remains clear and has not produced the repeatedly predicted peritoneal invasion (1st bullet) nor have additional, enlarged, distant lymph nodes (2nd bullet) been observed. One "lung thingie" disappeared by this spring's CT scan, with cold lung nodules remaining. The CT scan last week, a followup after the 2nd surgery in May, is all good except that one of the "benign" liver cysts has almost disappeared, raising the question mark of previous metastatic liver activity. Now a 3rd bullet ???

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Last year, the first oncologist interviewed, the most expensive and decorated med onc, volunteered that even after treatment with Folfox + Avastin, and tenatively Folfiri + Erbitux, my wife could expect about 17 months (on average). Because of the initial massive necrosis event following our informal, alternative neoadjunctive treatment, done for a month before her first surgery, we chose differently.

This latest scan, according to the radiologists: "Disease regression"; "No evidence of active disease". She's never been chemo sick (debilitated) a day, no diarrhea, good skin, good hair after ~16 months straight on immunochemotherapy and 18 months on alternative treatments against metastases, various molecular targets and angiogenesis.

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Glad to hear she did not suffer from the treatments.
Keep dodging those bullets.


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just the best news. you better give her a hug, she doing real well.
i suspect this is a team effort.


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Good work!!! What herbs, diet, supplements is she taking??

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All those long hours of research are paying off! Thanks so much for always sharing your wealth of information with all of us.


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Thanks Mark, Pete and Jennie. Yes, Jennie, perhaps 3% inspiration and 97% perspiration.

Joe, most of the LEF protocol for colon cancer and a low carb diet with extra veggies and healthy oils. Some components are at higher dose than LEF, with an expanded list of ingredients. Some extra vitamins at much higher doses, e.g. IV vitamin C, vitamin D3, B3, B6, K2 would be a rough starting point. Some extra mushroom extracts, and beta glucans like BioThera. I've consulted medical papers, sources and doctors to use these safely, while pushing for higher, -est limits.

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